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It's automation, infrastructure management. It's data-drive orchestration and remote execution. It's configuration management. It's so much more.
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What is Salt
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Open Hour 2023-SEP-21

Open hour notes for September 21, 2023. In this open hour, we announced a new release of Salt and Gareth demoed the new quickstart guide.

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Salt 3005.3 is available

The Salt Project has just released the 3005.3 bugfix of Salt 3005.

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Salt Project is Open Sourcing salt-pi-pkg

Salt Project is open sourcing salt-pi-pkg build script examples for classic packages on Raspberry Pi.

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Good news! Salt is now fully integrated into VMware vRealize Automation. Learn more about how Salt powers VMware’s leading automation platform and how you can harness the power of Salt across the enterprise.

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