Automating the Internet of Things with Understory Weather and SaltStack

September 18, 2015 - Rhett Glauser
Hyper-local weather

Weather is multi-dimensional and when tracked at scale it creates big data. Hyper-local sensors provide visibility into ground-level weather events (not just atmospheric events) to grasp a more useful understanding of the weather that impacts people. Sensing weather at this level is bound to create bigger data. Now on to automating the internet.

Understory Weather is deploying an Internet of things network of weather sensors to provide actionable data that is extremely valuable to first responders and insurance companies. These sensors run Internet-connected BeagleBone Black devices that are deployed and managed using SaltStack.

Learn how Understory Weather uses SaltStack

Learn how Understory Weather uses SaltStack to automate the deployment, configuration and control of embedded systems within their amazing IoT network.

Digital business infrastructure is larger, quicker, and more complicated than it has ever been before. IT operations teams utilize SaltStack event-driven automation to manage and oversee greatly distributed, very diverse environments from a single, unified platform.

Keep important systems correctly configured to increase and improve reliability and optimize resource utilization. SaltStack event-driven IT automation is one-of-a-kind in its ability to immediately detect system configuration drift and enforce desired state.

Register here to get access to the recording of this webinar titled, “Automating the Internet of Things with Understory Weather and SaltStack.” Thank you to Mariano Rivera, Understory Weather embedded systems engineer, for his work with SaltStack and for this presentation.