Believe the Hype: SaltStack Shortlisted in Seven new Gartner Hype Cycle Reports

August 9, 2019 - Kendall Lovett

IT industry analysts at Gartner and Forrester have been busy this month publishing new research on infrastructure automation and security. The full spectrum of SaltStack capabilities has been recognized in seven shortlisted Gartner Hype Cycle 2019 reports, and in the new Forrester Wave: Infrastructure Automation Platforms, Q3 2019. The SaltStack intelligent automation platform provides solutions for a wide range of IT and security challenges across the most diverse infrastructure at massive scale. The new Gartner and Forrester research does an excellent job characterizing the breadth and depth of the SaltStack platform.

What is the Gartner Hype Cycle?

Gartner publishes hundreds of different research notes every year and Hype Cycle reports are consistently the most consumed. Gartner customers use Hype Cycles to separate market hype from the reality of day-to-day IT and security operations. The Gartner Hype Cycles are also used to reduce the risk of technology investment decisions and to provide insight into the business value of IT with the objectivity of experienced IT analysts.

Which Gartner Hype Cycle reports include SaltStack?

SaltStack is shortlisted as a representative vendor in the following reports:

Is SaltStack included in a Gartner Magic Quadrant or Forrester Wave?

There is not a Gartner Magic Quadrant evaluation for systems management or infrastructure automation software. However, two years ago Forrester published the first of two Forrester Wave evaluations on configuration management software for infrastructure automation. Of course SaltStack was included in both of the last two Forrester Wave evaluations.

This week Forrester expanded the scope of their evaluation and published the Forrester Wave: Infrastructure Automation Platforms, Q3 2019 expanding the scope of the evaluation to include more than just configuration management software. SaltStack is ranked as one of the strongest performers in this Wave with an infrastructure automation platform compared to vendors like BMC, VMware, Red Hat, and Microsoft.

Forrester applied 31 criteria in their evaluation of infrastructure automation platform providers and ultimately identified the eleven most significant providers. Forrester researched, analyzed, and scored the providers and the report shows how each provider performed against the criteria.

The SaltStack intelligent automation platform for IT and security operations

The powerful SaltStack automation and orchestration platform provides solutions for everything from configuration automation, infrastructure management, network automation, vulnerability remediation and compliance management, and even IoT control. The latest Gartner Hype Cycles list SaltStack for the ability to help IT operations and security customers in three key areas: continuous configuration automation, network automation, and immutable infrastructure. SaltStack recently launched SaltStack SecOps, a new compliance and vulnerability suite designed to help security and IT teams define security policies, scan systems against those policies, and then actively remediate vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues. If you’d like to learn more here is a video overview and demo of SaltStack SecOps:

SaltStack SecOps 6.1, with new vulnerability remediation capabilities, is currently in beta. If you are interested in participating in the SaltStack SecOps beta please apply here.