Salt Project Launches Community Core Maintainer Program!

From its very beginning, Salt Project has had one of the largest, friendliest, and most loyal open source communities on earth! This vibrant and diverse community has been an integral part of what makes Salt so powerful. From its acquisition by VMware in late 2020, to joining Broadcom late last year, Salt has become an essential software component of many VMware by Broadcom products within its Tanzu and VCF divisions. Today, Salt is stronger, and more powerful than it has ever been, at any point in its long history.

On May 16th, in Salt Project Community Open Hour, a new pilot program was announced by the Salt Core Team. Their goal is to further strengthen and secure the future of Salt Project by increasing the involvement and contributions of select members of the community. Once selected, the new members of the Salt Project Community Core Maintainer team will innovate, learn, and work directly with the Salt Core Team in various areas of Salt Open. Community Core team members will also attend a weekly stand-up meeting, and will build a much broader understanding of how Salt is used by hundreds of thousands of customers, and open source community members around the world!

If you’d like to become a member of the Community Core Maintainer program, or have additional questions, be sure to reach out to me, Jimmy Chunga, the Salt Project Community Manager, via email at If it’s easier, you can send me a DM through the Salt Project Discord server! Not a member of our Discord server? You can join us through this invite!

On behalf of the entire Salt Project Core Team, we look forward to working with you!