New Salt Extension: Salt Describe (Automate generating SLS files)

New Salt Extension: Salt Describe (Automate generating SLS files)

The Salt project team is releasing a new salt extension salt-describe to create templates for Salt by fetching the settings of remote salt minions. It can create templates for:

  • users
  • files
  • packages
  • services
  • timezone data
  • iptables data
  • cron
  • sysctl
  • etc.

It will help anyone get a starter template from a system they already own with a salt minion on it. The generated templates can be used as is or edited to better suit your environment. They make a great starting place to develop formulas for your infrastructure-as-code project. This can also help to copy the settings of an existing brownstone server and deploy it to many other systems.

Simple install instructions

On a salt-master system with a salt-minion:

    root@salt00:/srv/salt/home# salt-pip install saltext.salt-describe
    Collecting saltext.salt-describe
        Downloading saltext.salt_describe-0.1.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl (30 kB)
    Installing collected packages: saltext.salt-describe
    Successfully installed saltext.salt-describe-0.1.1

For updated install instructions see

Example: create Salt formula for installing all packages that the remote system lists are installed.

    root@salt00:/srv/salt/home# salt-run describe.pkg
    Generated SLS file locations:
        - /srv/salt/

Current describe modules include but are not limited to pkg, sysctl, cron, files, firewalld, host, iptables, pip, pkgrepo, service, timezone, users.

For more info, please see the docs at: