Open Hour 2023-NOV-2

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In today’s open hour, Alyssa reports on the research findings from our recent community listening tour.


  • General updates and announcements
  • The VMware/Broadcom acquisition and Salt Project
  • Salt Project community listening tour report
  • Community forum updates
  • Q&A plus discussion

General updates and announcements

  • Open Hours are held every 1st and 3rd Thursday from 10a.m. to 11a.m. Pacific.
  • Our next Open Hour will be November 16.
  • Join a Salt Project working group!

The VMware/Broadcom acquisition and Salt Project

Here’s what’s happening with the Broadcom/VMware acquisition:

  • The acquisition was originally set to close on October 30th.​
  • The close had been delayed.​
  • Broadcom leadership anticipates that the acquisition will close “soon”.​

At the end of the day, the Salt Project team knows the same thing that you know. We only know whatever is publicly available.

During this time, just remember that we’re a community. Let’s network and communicate like one!

In light of the unknowns about the acquisition, the Salt Project Thing will continue to move forward but we’re going to put a pause on having it right now while Broadcom is sorted out.

Salt Project community listening tour

Over the summer, the Salt Docs working group went on a grand listening tour with 10 members of the community to learn about:​

  • How people are using Salt​
  • What’s been going well with Salt and the docs​
  • What are the pain points and how we can help

If you missed open hour, you can watch the recording to see the report. You can also view the presentation slide deck, which includes the findings in the presentation notes: Salt community listening tour report.

Feel free to keep the conversation going on the community Slack workspace in the #documentation channel.

Community forums update

Today’s issue: Salt orchestration is not limited to just salt.*.state functions.

  • Using is the key.
  • If you can do it in a state, you can do it an orchestration. It just runs through the master instead of the minion.

Q&A plus discussion

Q: Following up to some questions in previous Open Hour. Are there fixes to GitHub actions? Any updates on that?

  • A: They look like they were merged 2 days ago.

Q: Two issues popped up in 3006.3 that I’ve been tracking. One was an error that Dwoz was tracking and it looks like a PR with a fix was merged 2 days ago, which means it hasn’t made it into 3006.4, correct?

  • A: Correct.

Q: People are having higher incidents of timeouts with the recent release, so they’ve had to raise their timeout thresholds. Is anyone working on those issues? I’m specifically wondering about ([].

  • A: Dwoz is working on a debugging tool that will help us detect these problems more easily.

Q: I’m running into this salt pip issue ([]. I’m hoping this can get fixed before 3007 ships. I’m also running into an issue with a loader. ([]. I’d love to get them fixed.

  • A: I think there’s a workaround for the first one if you install them all at once in one pip transaction.

  • A: Yes, that works, but it’s not an ideal scenario and it would be nice to get that bug fixed.

Q: I’m new to Salt and want to figure out how to use it in my ecosystem. Where can I go for a mentor?


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