Open Hour 2024-APR-18

Open Hour 2024-APR-18

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In today’s open hour, Chunga showcases how Salt Project is using Discord Events and Alyssa announces that active support for the 3006 LTS release has been extended.


  • General updates and announcements
  • Discord events
  • Community forum updates
  • LTS extended deadline
  • Thank you, Pedro
  • Q&A plus discussion

General updates and announcements

  • Open Hours are held every 3rd Thursday from 10a.m. to 11a.m. Pacific.
  • Our next Open Hour will be May 16.
  • Join a Salt Project working group!

Discord events

  • Reminder: Salt Project has migrated from Slack to Discord. If you haven’t already, join right away: Invite link
  • The core team has set up Discord Events so that they are now mirroring what is seen in the Salt Project Community Google calendar
  • Click Events in top of the sidebar to see upcoming events. If you see an event that you want to attend, click the Interested button and Discord will send you a notification when that event starts.
  • We also now have an Events stage and we now have enough boosts to use this stage for meetups and possibly even host a future SaltConf. The more boosts we get, the better audio and technical quality we’ll have. Boosts will empower us to do things the Salty way, so feel free to support us that way if desired. If you’d like to submit a boost, we’d appreciate it. For every boost you submit, you can let Chunga know and he’ll get something from the Salt Project store.

Community forums update

Today’s issue: batch_safe_size can be useful to automatically switch to batch mode if you are targeting a lot of servers and overloading your Salt master.

  • A user was having an issue where they had set batch_safe_size in their config file. Later, they wondered why it would switch to batch mode when targeting all servers.
  • The batch_safe_size configuration defaults to 0. If you set that, it will automatically switch to batch mode if you target more minions than 100.
  • To give an additional example, if you set batch_safe_size to 1,000 and you target more than 1,000 servers, Salt will automatically batch instead of trying to ping all of them at once.
  • Configuring batch_safe_size is very useful if you have large environments and can keep you from flooding the Salt master.

LTS extended support deadline

  • Some of you were understandably worried that the 3006 LTS release documentation said active support would end today (April 18, 2024) without a new LTS release to replace it.
  • Good news: we’ve extended the active support date for 3006 LTS to October 18, 2024.
  • We’ve also modified our support policy to ensure that at least one LTS release has active support at any given point in time. If unforeseen circumstances cause delays in the timing of the next LTS release, support for the current LTS release will be extended as needed.
  • The modified support policy:

Thank you, Pedro

This is Pedro’s last Open Hour as he is leaving the team next week. Thank you for all the contributions you’ve made to Salt Project over the years. You will be greatly missed.

Q&A plus discussion

Q: On the website for Salt Project website, can you update the working group meeting times?

  • A: We’ll look into fixing that.

Q: Given recent events in the news, what is Salt Project doing to ensure the source tarball on GitHub matches the one on PyPi, etc.?

  • A: We used to manually upload the source tarball, but it’s all automated now and the automation ensure the GitHub and PyPi tarballs are identical to repo and beyond.


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