Salt Project is Open Sourcing salt-pi-pkg

Salt Project is open sourcing salt-pi-pkg build script examples for classic packages on Raspberry Pi.

What is salt-pi-pkg?

Salt Project / VMware has ended active development of salt builds for armhf architecture (pre-arm64/aarch64 builds of salt), and will receive no future updates.

salt-pi-pkg is an unsupported, unmaintained repository of example scripts for building “classic” (non-Tiamat, non-onedir, pre-3006.x) packages for armhf Raspberry Pi systems.

Scripts exist for the following OS versions:

  • Raspbian 10 (armhf / 32-bit)
  • Raspbian 11 (armhf / 32-bit)

Why make these scripts available?

Salt Project is open sourcing these scripts as a follow-up to Salt Project announcing the open sourcing of several Salt Project Native Minions.

These are example scripts referenced when previously building armhf Raspbian packages for Raspberry Pi devices, and some users may still want to build packages themselves in order to have newer versions of Salt, such as Salt v3005.2.