saltdocker Repository Now Archived

The saltdocker repo, which historically published saltstack/salt container images, has been archived.

In March 2023 of last year, the core Salt team updated the README to state that we do not officially support it. Prior to that time, we released new containers only if the pipeline functioned well enough. So the README was updated to reflect the official policy:

WARNING These containers are not officially supported, they were initially created by the community for testing purposes and the core team only facilitates the publishing of the containers.

We haven’t published new saltdocker containers for the v3007.0rc0, nor for the latest v3006.6 and v3005.5 Salt releases. We have no plans to release new versions of these containers in the future.

If you use these containers, and wish to continue using them, the archived repository is available for forking. Be aware that Alpine 3.14, the current container version used in saltdocker, is EOL and may be impacted by security vulnerabilities that will not be fixed by the core Salt team. Only use the containers if you are comfortable with those risks.