Cloud Orchestration and App Configuration with Microsoft Azure and SaltStack

February 27, 2015 - Rhett Glauser
Microsoft Azure

At SaltConf15, Ross Gardler of Microsoft Open Tech and Joseph Hall of SaltStack, will demonstrate how to deploy a SaltStack master server to Microsoft Azure in minutes. They will then show how to use that master to orchestrate hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, including on-premises, and how to use SaltStack state configuration to manage and migrate distributed applications across this heterogeneous infrastructure.

This blog post by Ross titled, “Salt: How and Where You Host is up to You,” provides more detail on the work SaltStack and Microsoft are doing together and how we are helping to deliver easy, available and ubiquitous cloud infrastructure.

SaltStack on Azure provides flexibility and choice for any business or infrastructure requirement.

Make sure to attend the Microsoft Azure breakout session at SaltConf15 or visit their booth in the Salt Shack to learn more. Plus, we hear they plan to give away a fabulous prize.

SaltConf15 is March 3-5 in Salt Lake City, and you can use the “SALT33M” code to get $300 off the full main conference pricing. At the event, Ross Gardler from Microsoft Open Tech and Joseph Hall from SaltStack will demonstrate how to create a Salt master on Microsoft Azure within minutes. They’ll then show how to use that master to manage infrastructure using the same configuration files used for other clouds and on-premises deployments.”

SaltStack develops systems management software used by the world’s largest businesses and Web-scale infrastructures for data center automation, hybrid cloud building and orchestration, server provisioning, and application configuration management. Ultimately, SaltStack is used to manage all the data center things including any cloud, infrastructure, virtualization, application stack, software, or code. Whether it’s portability and interoperability or choice and control over how you deploy, Salt on Azure provides you with that flexibility.” – Channel 9