Docs Jam

The Salt Docs Working Group is inviting you to participate in our community documentation jam on Wednesday, February 10th. The jam will be held from 9a.m. to 3p.m. Mountain Standard Time and will feature a keynote from Tom Hatch (the founder of Salt) at noon. See our Salt User Guide Docs Jam guide for the official schedule and more information about participating.For this community jam, we’re going to work on converting our new Salt User Guide from a Google Doc format into reStructured Text (rSt), a version of Markdown that is ideal for Python-based projects. Feel free to come and participate for an hour or two or stay for the whole day as your schedule allows!

Why should you consider participating?

  • Docs jam contributors will be given a Salt Project store credit to buy some swag!
  • If you’re new to Salt, you’ll get some one-on-one help setting up your environment to contribute to the Salt docs and Salt in general. Plus, this new guide is geared for new Salt users and will be a great way to learn more.
  • You’ll be making a meaningful contribution to the community by expanding access to a high-quality resource that teaches some fundamentals and advanced concepts about Salt. This guide was authored by Alan Cugler (Terminal Labs) and has been vetted by the core Salt team and other Salt experts. It’s also been tested in the field to teach new users about Salt and has received positive reviews. In short, we’re super excited to make this resource available to our community!