DockerCon EU contest

September 22, 2014 - Rhett Glauser

DockerCon EU contest

SaltStack is proud to be a sponsor of DockerCon EU coming December 4-5 to Amsterdam. Everybody knows SaltStack is cool, and everybody knows Docker is cool. But people are still learning that SaltStack + Docker = cool unicorn. So if you’d like to attend the DockerCon EU contest, we have one complimentary pass available to the person who submits the best SaltStack + Docker use case.

It is easy, just submit your SaltStack + Docker use case in the form below. Deadline for submissions is Oct. 3 at 4pm Mountain time. Extra points go to submissions documented in a blog post or a recorded video, and more extra points are given to submissions shared via social networks. Here is a good example of how SaltStack can be used to deploy Docker containers. We want you to one-up Dave’s demo.

The winner <edit: the winner has been announced here> will be picked by a prestigious panel of judges comprised of whoever we can find around the office on Oct. 3. We will announce the best use case and the winner of the DockerCon EU Contest conference pass soon thereafter.

“A few weeks ago we announced our DockerCon contest asking SaltStack users to share how they use SaltStack to orchestrate, manage or deploy Docker containers at scale. The winning submission receives a complimentary pass to DockerCon Europe. We received excellent responses, a couple of which are summarized below, including the winning entry from Love Nyberg who is a DevOps engineer for Bloglovin. LOVE NYBERG, BLOGLOVIN DEVOPS ENGINEER AND WINNER OF THE SALTSTACK DOCKERCON EUROPE COMPETITION”