Five Reasons To Come To SaltConf18

July 25, 2018 - Jenn Diffley

Look, there isn’t anything great about September. It’s the placeholder month between the last vestiges of summer and the sweet, sweet mayhem of Halloween. It’s too hot to wear cardigans and it’s too cold to wear shorts, and the only holiday is Labor Day, which is the adopted asthmatic cousin of holidays.There’s only one redeeming reason September should be allowed to exist: SaltConf18.

Granted, going to Salt Lake City to talk about software may not be everybody’s idea of a good time, but it should be. SaltConf18 is the most informative SaltStack gathering on the planet. Some of the most brilliant people you’ll ever meet show up to talk about IT automation, and any person supporting digital business would be crazy to miss it. Still not convinced?

Here are five reasons why you need to register immediately:

1. Learn from the experts. Attend talks from subject matter authorities representing companies like eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Bloomberg. Breakout sessions include a wide range of use cases and applications of SaltStack, including harnessing the power of emerging technologies like IoT, securing digital infrastructure with auto-remediation, and managing massive numbers of IT assets in production. Plus, we’re putting together an all-star lineup of keynote speakers. Check out all the sessions here.

2. Get exclusive, world-class training. Pre-conference training is all-new and exclusive to SaltConf18. These courses aren’t just book learning but include hands-on, real-world application of SaltStack’s powerful solutions. Choose from twelve new courses covering topics like creating custom Salt modules, managing network devices, using the SaltStack Enterprise API, and configuring hybrid cloud environments.

3. Get the latest and greatest product news. We’ve got big news up our sleeves for the next SaltStack product releases, and you can get all the details before anyone else at SaltConf18. Plus, you can provide direct feedback to our product and engineering teams on what you think the next big SaltStack feature should be. Go ahead and get assertive.

4. Meet and network. Schedule 1-on-1 meetings with SaltStack executives. Network with like-minded colleagues. Talk to our partners and solutions providers about how to extend the power of SaltStack in your environment. Get engaged with Salt contributors and the community. These are your people: they won’t look at you sideways when you get excited about event-driven automation.

5. Have fun. We’re not tearing you away from your ergonomic office chair without just cause: SaltConf18 is a good time. We’ve got incredible food, amazing entertainment, and some other secret plans we can’t divulge without breaking international trade agreements. Believe us when we say you don’t want to miss this.

Block out your calendar from September 10–13, and join us at SaltConf18. Early-bird pricing is still open but only through the end of July; register now for maximum savings. If you need help convincing your boss to let you attend, we have you covered.

Finally—something in September worth looking forward to.