March 15, 2021 - Sage Robins

Friday, 2021-MAR-12 in the Weekly Planning meeting, the Core Team discussed at length the option to branch as the Release Candidate (RC) process is underway and thus we start code freeze. Often, this brings up the need to branch and the team often discusses this. From the Salt Enhancement Proposal or SEP #14 “a short-lived hotfix branch may be created.” During the legacy of SEP #14 implementation and the life of the project, there are likely to be changes and we may need and want to branch. It is in the interest to continue to merge in the Main branch currently called master.

Everyone is still required to open Pull Requests (PRs) against master. The Core Team is going to open a short-live branch where they will review PRs to master and may cherry pick them to also be merged into a branch called freeze.

Today, during the US work day this branch will be visible. Please continue to use the main development branch master.