Salt 3000 – Infrastructure automation and configuration management from the future

February 10, 2020 - Cassandra Faris

Today SaltStack is pleased to announce the release of Salt 3000, future of infrastructure automation also the version of Salt codenamed, “Neon.” This Salt release is the first to move away from date-based release naming conventions such as 2019.2.1. Learn more about the new Salt release naming convention here

More importantly, SaltStack has enhanced Salt testing practices to improve stability and to provide a more predictable release cadence for the most powerful infrastructure automation and configuration management platform.

Salt 3000 includes 493 merged pull requests with 141 pull requests ported to master. Several fixes and planned deprecations were completed, creating a more stable and supportable Salt release. Find a full list of Salt 3000 updates here.

More than 130 Salt community members contributed to the Salt 3000 release resulting in a number of enhancements, the most notable highlighted here:

  • LGPO module fixes: The fixes improve LGPO speed on Windows, provide additional support for .NET, create more efficient caching, and implement shorter policy names. Salt is faster as a result of these changes.  
  • Vendoring of Tornado 4.5.3: This update eliminates Salt reliance on a system’s Tornado version and allows Salt support of newer operating systems that don’t have Tornado <5.0 support. The update will allow for continued support of older operating  systems even after upgrading to Tornado 5.0+ in future releases. Vendoring also simplifies future Tornado upgrades by removing the need to support multiple versions at the same time.
  • “Unless” and “onlyif” enhancements: Users can operate the “unless” and “onlyif” requisites with Salt modules. Execution modules run through “onlyif” or “unless” can now support modules with args.
  • Native Salt Minion support for network devices: The native Salt Minion for Arista is now available and supports on-device operations.
  • Salt Cloud enhancements: New support for Tencent Cloud, AWS Systems Manager (SSM), and Microsoft Azure DNS.

Gratitude goes out to our amazing community, who submitted code, added tests, reviewed and offered significant experience and advice as we continue to evolve the Salt project and platform governance.

We’d like to recognize the following Salt contributors with a special shout out from SaltStack:

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