Some Salt for that Heartbleed…now Shellshock

December 19, 2014 - Chad Garrick
Heart bleed

Not much more needs to be said that hasn’t already been said about Heartbleed. However, the SaltStack team was thrilled to watch how armies of system administrators and DevOps teams utilized SaltStack to diagnose and remediate the impact of OpenSSL vulnerabilities in data centers around the world. We were glad to hear how easy ( and fast (milliseconds) it was for most folks to use SaltStack to automate what could have been a massive undertaking if attempted by hand.

<update Sept. 25, 2014> See how SaltStack users have dealt with the new Shellshock vulnerability in Bash.

A tip of our hat to the legions of data center operators who work hard (some harder than others <cough> use SaltStack <cough>) to keep the Internets and clouds safe and available. Attend the SaltStack demo webinar to get more insight into how it is done.

Here are some of the tweets that warmed our hearts (bad pun intended):