IBM and SaltStack for Docker App Container Orchestration and Networking at Scale

February 27, 2015 - Rhett Glauser

SoftLayer, an IBM Company, is a sponsor of SaltConf15

Make sure to catch several keynotes and breakout talks from IBM including:

  • Mac Devine, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Services Division and IBM Distinguished Engineer, “The Perfect Storm Intensifies – The convergence of Big Data, Cloud, and the Internet of Things is now at full strength.”
  • Phil Jackson, SoftLayer, an IBM Company, Lead Technology Evangelist, “Technology is Awesome.”
  • Christopher Gallo, SoftLayer, an IBM Company, Developer Advocate, “SaltStack and Build Servers, Best Friends Forever.”
  • Naveen Chandra Sekhara, IBM Cloud Networking Software Development Engineer; Sivakumar Arumugam, IBM Cloud Networking Senior Manager, Software Development; C. R. Oldham,   SaltStack Software Engineer, “Docker Networking and Orchestration with IBM SDN-VE and SaltStack.”

The integrated IBM SDN-VE and SaltStack solution for Docker application container orchestration and networking at scale was first unveiled earlier this week at IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas.

We already know application containers provide extreme portability of code across infrastructures which is great news for developers. But without proper container networking and management we will face a new, much more complex version of VM sprawl. This talk will provide additional detail and a ​demonstration ​of IBM SDN-VE and SaltStack used together to manage and orchestrate Docker container deployment and networking at scale. The demo will also show the creation of load balancers and access the SoftLayer cloud.

Here is a sneak peek at what we will share at SaltConf15: