Introducing SaltStack SecOps at SUSECON 19

April 2, 2019 - Kendall Lovett

SaltStack is proud to sponsor SUSECON for the fourth year in a row. Over the years SUSE and SUSECON 19 has been an amazing partner and substantial contributor to the Salt open source project. SUSE understands the power of SaltStack intelligent, event-driven automation and together we are working to provide solutions to deliver the best-managed, most-secure enterprise data center infrastructure.

Find SaltStack at SUSECON 19 to see what we’ve been working on.

We’ll introduce the SUSE community to powerful improvements to the Salt open source automation engine that powers SUSE Manager. Make sure to check out the latest Salt 2019.2.0 release highlights with many contributed by the SUSE team.

We will also demonstrate a new SaltStack Enterprise add on that provides automated security compliance scanning and integrated remediation for IT systems at scale. Learn how SaltStack SecOps can help secure your SUSE environment, and anything not running SUSE (if you dare), delivering continuous compliance with policies like CIS.

There will be no less than twelve labs and breakout sessions talking about Salt. Here are just a few we think you should check out:

  • Using the Power of Salt Alongside SUSE Manager 3
  • Deploy Ceph at Scale with Salt
  • Running Ansible within Salt: How to smoothly migrate away from Ansible to Salt

Stop by the SaltStack SUSECON 19 booth to enter to win a pass to one of our all-new training courses, to learn how SaltStack SecOps can keep your systems secure and compliant, and to get your hands on the latest Salty swag.