Jacque White Selected as Women Tech Awards Winner

October 24, 2018 - Marc Chenn

We are privileged to have Jacque White on the SaltStack team as our SVP of global sales. Today Jacque White will be honored as a Women Tech Awards winner and we will take a moment to celebrate her accomplished career. To provide the rest of the tech community with a sense of who Jacque is, why SaltStack is a better company with her, and why she was selected as a finalist for the Women Tech Awards, I’ve written up a recent Q&A with Jacque.

Jacque White, SaltStack SVP of global sales, is selected as a Women Tech Awards winner. Marc Chenn, SaltStack CEO, interviews Jacque about her path.

When did you start working in tech?

My career began with a Utah-based software company in 1990 and I’m thrilled to be coming full circle this year by joining SaltStack, the only intelligent IT automation software solution on the planet. At WordPerfect (and then Novell) I was honored to represent Utah’s innovative roots and I’m now proud to represent Silicon Slopes tech excellence with SaltStack.

Which of your many career accomplishments are you most proud?

Making “partner” at KPMG when I was 32 was my first significant professional accomplishment. This was a unique accomplishment with strong competition for a limited number of available spots. I learned to unapologetically advocate for myself, which is a lesson that has served me well in all future roles.

Seven years later I became one of two female VPs within the Oracle Consulting 5,000-person organization managing a nine-digit P&L and a team of about 150 professionals.

After Oracle I was hired as one of 400 executives at Accenture, a company of more than 350,000 employees. This afforded me the privilege of working with some of the brightest minds and most accomplished professionals that I have come across.

After six years at Accenture, I was asked to lead a global line of business for SAP, the 4th largest software company in the world. In this role I was responsible for a 650M Euro P&L, managed a team of six SVPs, and 2,500 sales and delivery professionals. We delivered consistent sales & delivery success which was very satisfying.

You also have an amazing family and I know you are very proud of the titles “mom” and “wife”. How do you do it?

After graduating from BYU I began working full time and have never looked back. Other than short maternity leaves after the birth of each of my four children I have never taken any extended time off or had a break in my career. I consider this an enormous personal accomplishment.

I also consider my 30-year marriage to Robert White one of my greatest achievements. It is no easy task to keep a marriage healthy, thriving, and strong when both partners pursue academic and professional career goals. But we are while being dedicated to putting each other and our family first.

What advice would you give to women in tech?

Female leaders, especially in the male-dominated tech industry, must give voice to the potential that exists for smart, hard-working young women who are curious and determined. I’ve always tried to lead by example, showing women what can be accomplished professionally without sacrificing success at home.

Ultimately I believe women in the workplace generally, and in tech especially, are hungry for strong, competent, unapologetic female leaders who are willing to pave a path for them and others. Women need more mentorship, coaching, advise, from those who have been there. It is a passion of mine to provide a strong voice that advocates diversity and opportunity for women and I welcome the opportunity to give all of this to other women at SaltStack and in the tech community at large.