Jorge Schrauwen – Featured Salt Contributor

March 13, 2017 - Mike Place

The Salt Contributor Profile Series

Jorge Schrauwen

Today we are very pleased to highlight Salt contributor, Jorge Schrauwen of Belgium.

Jorge grew up near the city of Antwerp and lives in the area currently. When the weather is good you can find Jorge out traveling to different countries and taking photographs along the way. When indoors and not hacking away on Salt, he unwinds with a good sci-fi movie or anime.

Jorge was drawn to Salt because of its natural accessibility as a Python-based systems management tool, and because of the Salt community which Jorge is quick to say is, “helpful and friendly.” (Thanks, Jorge! We think so too!)

A while ago Salt contributor Jorge began looking for systems management software and couldn’t find anything that really suited him because his preferred operating systems was illumos which no major configuration management project supported well. So he took a look at all of them and picked the one he liked and said, “I just started chipping away at it.”

“I found everybody [in the Salt community] to be very helpful and friendly and the process for submitting code was very constructive,” Jorge told us.

Over time Jorge has continued to focus on expanding illumos support in Salt, turning it into one of the strongest platforms for managing illumos systems. He’s also a leader in the community for Oracle Solaris 10 support, which is used worldwide by many large installations. He’s also an active contributor to Salt support for BSD.

Looking toward the future he’s excited to learn more about the Salt Reactor and Salt Thorium systems which allow Salt to be used as a platform for event-driven infrastructure management by creating rulesets to perform actions based on events happening across the network. Says Jorge, “There is a lot of potential [within Salt] to create self-healing systems and autoscaling systems.”

His future designs for Salt include his desire to begin to refactor and split out the core grains system to make it easier to maintain. He’s also looking forward to starting work on a ‘logadm’ tool that would eliminate a number of bare ‘’ and ‘cmd.wait’ statements in his salt setup.

He’s not done there, though! He tells us that he’s still planning to add beacons for imgadm, vmadm, zoneadm, zfs and zpool to help round out Salt support in the Solaris world.

For those with questions or comments about Solaris or illumos support in Salt, Jorge would like you to know that he’s here to help where he can. Feel free to tag him on GitHub at sjorge.