Open Hour 2020-APR-06

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • Community Updates
  • Release Timeline & MVPs
  • Towncrier & Changelog
  • Bridge to IRC
  • Open Discussion

Community Updates

Cassandra Faris

  • First virtual meetup happened April 16 with Tyler Johnson speaking on Extending Grains With Pop. The talk will be repeated on April 23, streamed on Twitch, and posted to YouTube.
  • A Communication Plan is being created. The main goal is to create consistent, streamlined communications that reach as many people as possible. The community will know what to expect for releases, events, changes, SEPs, and other information. This will empower everyone to collaborate and contribute more effectively.
  • Working Groups
    • Exist to help make Salt products better and encourage collaboration among core team members and the community
    • The only requirement to join is to show up and be interested. Join us!

Sodium Release Timeline & MVPs

Sage Robins & Wayne Werner

  • Code freeze May 19 with a release June 17
  • PRs will be addressed in an internal code jam with plans to hold an additional code jam for community members
  • The complete release timeline is available on the wiki:
  • MVPs include a fix for Tornado, upgrading to take advantage of Tornado 5+, and approaches to speeding up test times

Towncrier and Changelog – Overview & Discussion

Megan Wilhite

  • Changelog isn’t human readable
  • Towncrier is one approach to automating the changelog. It requires a contributor to add a file to the changelog directory, following a specific syntax. This allows automatic creation of changelog at releases.
  • Some community members have suggested Conventional Commits
    • Create standard commit messages and add in automation to parse those messages and create a changelog file
    • Concern is that commit messages aren’t already made as human readable
  • Discussion will be revisited during the April 23 Open Hour

Bridge to IRC

Wayne Werner

  • Slack is going to stop supporting legacy tokens
  • Bridge has been set up with Matrix that seems to work “somewhat well so far”. It can bridge to Gitter. There are message delays and things to work out still, but the bridge is in place
  • Thank you to community members Imran and John for helping Wayne with this project