Open Hour 2020-APR-09

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • Community Updates
  • Stale bot changes
  • IRC Bridge to Slack
  • Highlight: Documentation Working Group
  • Community Questions & Open Discussion

Community Updates

Cassandra Faris

  • Virtual meetups, SaltStackInc Twitch, and The Hacks podcast are in a regular cadence
  • POP Q&A to be scheduled for an upcoming Open Hour

Salt Updates

Wayne Werner, Sage Robins

  • Stalebot to be disabled on April 10, 2020
  • IRC Bridge to Slack needs updated, issue has been created

Highlight: Documentation Working Group

Alyssa Rock, Alan Culger

  • Goals
    • Help with documentation for onboarding & getting things done
    • Create a consistent set of tools
  • Initiatives and Planned Projects
    • Will be upgrading Sphinx. Changes shouldn’t be noticeable right away, until UI starts to change
    • Standardized documentation format will be put into place. We want to make sure that code is readable in docs. This may require a SEP.
    • Recognize that community has wanted something easy for new beginners to start on and also that advanced users want more
      • Migrating from Github to Gitlab, using CICD pipeline and updating some things from the back end
      • Using an OS theme provided by the Read the Docs Group, gives functionality including tabbed and expandable content
    • More popular modules will be fleshed out more quickly, then expand to the less popular modules. Will probably focus on most core modules first.
    • If someone is looking for support on a documentation issue, submit to Open Salt issues for consideration
    • Some of the work overlaps with other groups (ex. Testing or Windows)
    • Timelines depend, but doc set likely to be in the Fall depending on time & resource allocation/participants
  • Why to join?
    • Newbie friendly – great place to start while contributing to Salt. You’ll find things in doc that you think could be better and will be able to make those changes
    • Can influence common questions to documents to minimize redundant work
    • Documentation makes a difference – in 2017, GitHub’s open source survey found that doc is important but overlooked. Affects 93% of respondents, but only 60% contribute to it. It’s one of the best ways to contribute