Open Hour 2020-AUG-20

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • Salt news and updates
  • Switch to PyTest
  • Working Groups: leadership changes, inactive groups, and suggested new groups
  • Open discussion and questions
  • Video: Salt Community Open Hour 2020-08-20

Salt News and Updates

Community Manager Cassandra Faris

  • Cassandra is speaking on “Business & Tech: A Communication Guide” at Code PaLOUsa on August 27.
  • Upcoming online tech conferences that may be of interest: GetWITIt (September 29-October 1) and cdCOn (Linux Foundation, October 7-8).
  • Core Team focus for the week:
    • Development: Planned tech debt issues.
    • Community: Working on the new contributor greeting and orientation process.
  • In the coming weeks, Salt will switch to PyTest as the only test runner because is reaching its end of life. A blog post is live on the community site.

Switch to PyTest

SaltStack Engineer Pedro Algarvio
Discussion begins at 2:39 on the video

  • Why are we switching to PyTest?
    • served us well, but every time the Salt test suite got a new sub-directory, had to be updated in order to pick up those new tests. Often enough, those tests or sub-directories, would be added and never actually run on the CI pipelines because the needed updates to were lacking.
    • PyTest is a testing framework that focuses on code reusability through fixtures and is good at giving insight when tests fail. Overall, it’s a more powerful testing tool than the custom testrunner we had been using. Finally, this means that the testing suite can be maintained by the whole community vs. maintaining testrunner internally.
  • Additional details:
    • We are migrating some slow tests to PyTest.
    • Community members are already using PyTest.
    • SaltStack is making overall changes to the testing process.
  • So far, feedback about the switch to PyTest is positive.

Working Groups: Leadership Changes, Inactive Groups, and Suggested New Groups

Community Manager Cassandra Faris
Discussion begins at 10:40 on the video

  • What are Working Groups?
    • A Working Group is a small group of individuals who come together with a common goal and work towards achieving that goal within a predetermined amount of time.
    • In addition to having repos, each group decides how best to track their own projects.
    • They are a way for Salt community members to lead Salt projects and be part of the development process.
    • They provide a place where people can contribute to the Salt Open project within their area of interest. Currently, Working Groups exist for Cloud, Documentation, Formulas, MacOS, SSH, Testing, and Windows.
    • Anyone is welcome to join a Working Group. All they have to do is show up to a meeting.
    • Working Groups meet once or twice a month. The meeting schedule is on the Salt Community Events Calendar. Videos from the meetings are uploaded to YouTube for future reference.
  • How is a Working Group formed?
    • Working Groups are led by a captain who volunteers to lead the group and run its meetings.
    • Anyone who has an idea for a Working Group should contact Cassandra. She will help with scheduling and other logistics.
    • Working Groups are most successful when they have a focus and goals.
    • In the last 6 months, community members have suggested and started Working Groups for Formulas and Documentation.
  • Working Group changes
    • Windows: Shane Lee has stepped away from leading. Markus Kramer is now the leader.
    • Networking and SSH: These haven’t been active for several months.
  • New Working Group suggestion: Kubernetes
    • This could be short term and have a specific focus. It’s currently in the backlog and has been for some time.
    • Kubernetes is gaining traction in the broader tech community because people want to simplify their automation. Salt has a good implementation for working with Kubernetes. There are areas where that implementation needs updated, which is something a Working Group could do.
    • We want to make sure that what’s in Salt aligns with Kubernetes as well as work with it in idem.
  • New Working Group suggestion: Triage
    • It would focus on learning how the triage process works.
    • Triage is a good way to learn Salt and how people are using it.
    • Community suggestions for improving triage are encouraged.
    • We stream the triage process on Twitch Tuesdays at 12:00pm MT/6:00pm UTC.
  • Documentation Working Group
    • If you have suggestions for areas to improve documentation, please join the group.
    • This group is helping plan a Documentation Jam that will run similar to the PR Jam.
  • Testing Working Group
    • If there’s interest, we could organize a Testing Jam.
  • How should we handle inactive Working Groups?
    • If a group needs deactivated or paused, it should be added to the repo and opened to discussion.
    • Deactivating Working Groups isn’t permanent.
  • Open Working Group Discussion
    • Contributor Question: Is there a formal process for changing leadership?
      • There isn’t one now. The tenure for leadership could be tied to release cycles.
      • After every new release cycle, the Working Groups should evaluate their priorities and leadership to decide if anything needs changed. This can be an Open Hour topic.
    • Contributor Suggestion: Heist is under-documented. Does this belong to SSH, Documentation, or somewhere else?
      • The documentation doesn’t get deep enough.
      • Multiple groups could work together and collaborate.

Open Discussion and Questions

Salt Community and Core Team

  • There were no general questions. The group continued discussing Working Groups until Open Hour ended.