Open Hour 2020-AUG-27

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


Housekeeping items

  • Twitch is being used for Triage,Test Clinics, and R&D please find SaltStack’s Twitch channel:
  • Core team focus on tech debt and ZMQ, potential SEPs, new contributor greeting bot, orientation tools, Docs Jam, PyTest Blog Post
  • Add stamps to the videos on YouTube
  • Doc Jam Wednesday 2020-OCT-07 and docs clinic Wednesday 2020-09-30
  • Events

Meeting Notes

  • Video link
  • SaltConf 2020-OCT-29 Call for Speakers many topics and want community proposals, more details to come!
  • PR Cleanup calculation of template sls/tpl context (
    • within templates there are many variables available, several have not been documented
    • some of these variables have been recommended
    • some odd behavior or seemed like a bug, but since lacking docs this was only speculation
    • this PR adds tests for what things should look like and documentation
    • if you are using these and if this PR breaks anything, please let us know! we do not want to break anyone’s states, Community Slack, IRC, mailing lists, or open a PR
    • Thank you for also adding documentation!!
    • Author of the PR – Michael, had a hard time getting this bug resolved because there was¬†no¬†documentation
    • Learning from this? PR Template has a checkbox for docs and when reviewed the reviewer needs to review the documentation well with each PR, automation to look for documentation on PRs for changes or that there should be docs changes.
    • Integration: doc strings, decorator since code change and docs were in different places – yes, we have looked into this, it is slightly complicated as-is today, but we would like to see this happen some how – how do we be hyper-diligent if it is in an .rst file elsewhere, we could still do this
    • Documentation for execution modules doesn’t link to the source code – if we added that would it help? YES
    • Contributing Guide looking at the 5 different sources and want to make one source of truth, looking at this in Magnesium, will likely iterate over several releases
    • As a first time contributor, difficultly and didn’t know how to set up environment in order to submit a PR, installation didn’t work how I expected, but would like an out-of-the-box details, requirements, and documentation; examples like make-test or a docker container that has everything — yes, we should provider this and make it very clear and accessible
  • Brand new SEP: Support checking/modifying the return of ( please check it out, please go read it and give comments
  • Cassandra will be moderating SEPs going forward


  • Q: single repo for modules and ratings? or formulas? A: we have discussed this for modules, but does not exist, yet. Rating doesn’t exist, but there is the salt-formulas repo, and currently all modules exist in the salt repo, plus custom modules. Discussed not doing this, but only a high level. Pop is trying to do this differently.
  • Q: Is there a Working Group on Pop projects like idem? A: we would like to see Working Groups for each of these projects, yes, there are lots of benefits to do this for a larger Pop Working Group. Needs a captain, schedule, and communication.