Open Hour 2020-DEC-03

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


Meeting Notes

General Updates

Bugfix Release: Dec 16th, Wednesday

  • Fixed in 3002.2
  • Fixes in versions: 3001, 3000, and 2019
  • Affect Salt-SSH using TTY and issues with the generated key with SSH, it was setting a password of open and closed quotes instead of not setting a password. Closed issue describing the fix in 3002.2:

Community calendar

  • Google Calendar still exists and has the same information with new meeting IDs Google Calendar until the end of the year
  • New Outlook Calendar links HTML or ICS
  • Community Website has wrong links this week, and Sage will follow up to be sure it is corrected as of today (DEC-03) had old Zoom links.

Do you want to get more involved in salt and the SaltStack community? Get involved:

The Documentation Group, and Docs Clinics

Existing SEPs

All PRs in the SEPs repo represent open discussions on Salt Enhancement Proposals.

  • Several current SEPs
  • We want to hear from you!
  • We will continue to work through these and looking at the process
  • Community Advisory Board in the new year
  • Rough consensus overall in the SEPs, we have to make compromises, not to be perfect, but to hear from the community and give the community a voice
  • Suggested: Polling within the SEPs process, discussions don’t reach an obvious conclusion
    • Using the GitHub Pull Request approval process as a vote or poll, can put in more details with approval or not
    • Constructively disagree may not work exactly, we can take a look at that piece of the process and solidify
    • RSS Feed on the PRs may be available in GitHub or on the Community Website
  • Soliciting feedback through all the communication platforms
  • – one source of truth,
    • Currently SEPs are not listed suggested to add at least a link
  • SEPs are listed in the What’s Happening Post each week and suggested: put more details or where each stands in the process
  • Dedicated SEP channel in the Salt Community slack #sep
    • help to pull conversations from #general to #sep
  • We need to communicate through the mailing lists for SEPs, as well
  • Drafting more SEPs

Discussion Q&A

  • New branding for Salt, Janae will communicate via poll or survey on the new branding prior to finalization
  • Subreddit comment about not knowing about the Community Slack, this is obviously a huge miss
  • Website is getting an overhaul and will be a single source of truth
  • Hacks podcast this week was on Open Source
  • Community is a huge focus for 2021 and Janae is building a roadmap
  • Bringing back MeetUps – Virtual and hopefully in person later in the year, looking for speakers and topics, we want to promote our community! If you are interested contact
  • There is more coming soon! let us know if you have suggestions
  • Updating Tutorial Docs
  • SaltConf21 does not equal Dang Spice even if the closed captioning thinks so
  • MDM was being looked at by the MacOS Working Group and they pivoted to support for Big Sur (not Big Sister like the closed captioning captured), we will get an update at their next meeting this month and communicate
  • We have not supported Android or for mobile devices, support for Apple laptops, but mainly we have supported Linux and Windows laptops
  • MacOS Working Group wanted to rethink the use of how they had approached device management, originally they were thinking of using proxy minions now they are thinking of Salt interacting with a service (not assault underwear as the closed captioning caught at 56:32 laughter ensued) like MDM service