Open Hour 2020-DEC-10

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


Meeting Notes

General Updates

Bugfix Release: Dec 16th, Wednesday

  • Fixed in 3002.2
  • Fixes in versions: 3001, 3000, and 2019
  • Affect Salt-SSH using TTY and issues with the generated key with SSH, it was setting a password of open and closed quotes instead of not setting a password. Closed issue describing the fix in 3002.2:

Community Calendar

  • Google Calendar still exists and has the same information with new meeting IDs Google Calendar until the end of the year
  • New Outlook Calendar links HTML or ICS

How-to use salt to update salt minions salt version

  • Docs: How-to: use salt to update minions to new salt version best-way-to-restart-a-salt-minion-daemon-using-salt-after-upgrade From Wayne quick transcription on IRC live:
  • gareth> not sure about packages, but I think an upgrade on a systemd platform will restart salt >you can’t just do a salt \* service.restart, because it drops the return message >a salt runner can be helpful
  • Erik> when we do config updates we use a with bg=True to do a salt-call service restart
  • gareth> salt-call with start its own minion
  • erik> yeah, it’s not in its own cgroup
  • Andrew> Just have a 3000.2 memory leak question (3002?)
  • what is the style of memory leak I should look for? (assorted memory leak discussion) nothing new

The Documentation Group, and Docs Clinics

Existing SEPs

All PRs in the SEPs repo represent open discussions on Salt Enhancement Proposals.

  • Several current SEPs
  • We want to hear from you!
  • We will continue to work through these and looking at the process
  • Community Advisory Board in the new year

Discussion Q&A

From Wayne live transcript in IRC:

  • ??> when will the new community site appear?
  • sage> not sure, but we should know about it in January, I’m pushing for the community site to be release in January
  • sage> had an internal meeting with the VMWare open source group(s) and there’s some really good resources and support there
  • Ken> Do we know what’s happening with CentOS8?
  • Tom> we’ll probably still be supporting CentOS (stream) > there’s a “rocky” linux, that might maintain the CentOS-style > a lot of people are invested in making a stable CentOS release, so we’ll have to see what comes out of this (not unexpected) disruption
  • sage> in the past we’ve had roadmaps where we show a timeline for support, and even a future roadmap for support > right now it’s just an idea, but this could be useful for this type of circumstance
  • Erik> Are we using Python 3.9 yet?
  • Wayne> I know it’s in our Nox config
  • Bryce> Yeah, Fedora is already on 3.9, so that’s out there
  • Erik> Working on a PR for some yum bit rot. Newer distros name some of these plugins differently
  • Sage> I was looking through the backlog and noticed that there was something still assigned to Erik – not sure if you’re actually working on it
  • sage> we’ll be off for a couple of weeks at the holidays