Our virtual user conference SaltConf21 will be November 3-4! Call for Speakers will be open June 14 - July 26.

Open Hour 2020-FEB-02


  • Upcoming events, community.saltstack.com site updates, and future Open Hour topics
  • Discussion about Symlinks for 3000
  • Point Release
  • Overview of Triage process
  • Community feedback follow-ups & open conversation

Meeting Notes

Housekeeping and announcements

  • Move to GitLab discussion will be at a later date, Tom is unavailable, today.
  • Video posting: the goal is to post the Monday following a meeting, either the weekly Open Hour or a Working group meeting
  • Meetups revamp – in progress, LA yesterday 18 people very successful
  • March 2 Denver Meetup find it on saltstack.com
    • regular meetups in the regions where we have them already or have people coordinating already
    • if you are in a region without on and are interested in starting one or having one get with Cassandra
    • there is a community slack channel #meetup to organize and coordinate

Upcoming Events

  • Documentation Working Group today at 2 PM Eastern today
  • SaltConfEU in June and looking for talks
  • Saltstack.community.com: coming soon!
    • a landing page, a single place where you can see everything,
  • Live site date is TBD
  • Anyone who attends the Open Hour we will enter you into a raffle to win a free ticket to SaltConfUS/SaltConfEU
  • GitHub Org: all org members to enable 2FA
  • Invited Working Group members not removing access at this time

Topics covered in depth

Symlinks David Murphy: Live as of 9:30 AM US Mountain Community Release pin to latest, pin to major, etc. pin to major release and then you will get the point released. RedHat and Amazon RPMs for major version 3000 it should operate as it did prior to the version change.

Triage Process Megan Wilhite:

  • Weekly rotational basis, per Core team member
  • review the new issues, daily
  • check the information on the issue i.e. Salt version, necessary steps to reproduce, log data, etc.
  • check for duplicate issues or similar issues to link and/or close
  • analyze the issue: feature/bug, apply all appropriate labels
  • documentation for labels currently being updated as per SEP 18
  • PR will be generated and generally available next week on Thursday.
  • Replicate/reproduce/ confirm bugs
  • Critical issues are things like salt won’t start and it needs more definition and hoping to get that definition in the documentation. We are aware of some holes and want to iterate on this and make it better, and more visible.
  • Inconsistent labels: updating the documentation and do a re-training on the Core Team to address this

Point Release of 3000.1

  • short list of tickets and PRs in a project board will update with link, today
  • labeled 3000.1
  • completed list by Monday 2020-02-24

Salt 3000.1 dates
– Feb 24 finalized list
– Mar 9 fixes done, merged
– Mar 12 packaging done
– Mar 15 testing completed
– Mar 17 Point Release is live
– looking forward for Sodium dates
– May 6 Feature merge freeze
– May 12 RC for Sodium

Community Qs

  • PRs passing tests – Sage and Dwoz will look into it
  • Many PRs may have passing test, but only talking about the point release – looking ahead please see the timeline beyond the point release
  • Need help with tests, we are engaging individually so reach out to Sage, Cassandra, Moe, or any one on the Core team we will do a Test Clinic
  • Salt Black, first merge for Sodium and will need PR author’s attention, but we don’t have a specific date, yet will announce it when we do (Wayne)
    • All PR authors we can keep you posted and will keep communication going as we get closer to merging Salt Black
  • Py Test (Pedro) get black in first into Sodium and then then 3 PRs on PyTest, first switching to pytest, plain asserts ( unit test doesn’t need to do this), example and some changes for pytest, tests for modules –> master branch – outside of that working on other things such as: request to test custom modules outside of salt code base, move to pytest will simplify, and other code to facilitate that, when that will go into master is TBD – functional tests – in the roadmap but not in a PR yet, researching and we want to switch to functional testing in the future, moving away from integration testing and test as needed and broaden functional testing, may cause to rewrite integration tests, but when that is still TBD, not the first iteration of pytest
  • https://github.com/saltstack/salt/pull/55914 make it early in Sodium, yes (Sage put it into the project and labeled it) assigned to Joe Eacott, Sage to follow up as it may need reassignment
  • write down the sequence of Black and PyTest – Cassandra, Pedro, Wayne to follow up
  • SEP for master to not run as root – in progress
  • Pycrpto changing to Pycryptodome – in progress
  • Python cryptography backend, priority and when is TBD
  • if we stop support on Python 2 then we can move towards more cryptography
  • Native minions (Networking) in the works and in testing, can dive deeper later and get community engagement
  • Future topic: formulas as second line integration test to validate master – Cassandra will follow up