Open Hour 2020-FEB-27

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • Community news & events
  • Upcoming communication preference survey
  • Selecting a shared agenda & summary tool for Open Hours
  • Stale bot triage & staling timeframe
  • Move to GitLab overview from Tom
  • Community feedback follow-ups & open conversation


  • The Hacks Podcasts
  • Events: Denver Meetup Mar 2, Chicago??
  • SecOps Days – day or evening Moe and Cassandra heading it up
  • Next week Core team will be release planning and so the weekly meeting will be abbreviated
  • communication, survey Cassandra will send, very short, toolkit
  • meta open hours agendas, monthly office hour and wanted something more frequent, looking for more improvements,
    • access to the agenda to add and comment – live doc
    • videos are great, but meeting minutes or a summary, Google docs link, GitHub wiki, and community landing page
    • read the summaries – final document
    • bot to grab agenda items (idea)

Topics cover in depth


Thomas Hatch

  • internally moving to GitLab for many reasons
    • CICD and managing groups of projects
  • it felt natural to move pop before they start to get more traction
  • pop, heist, idem, popbuild, etc. etc.
  • Can use your GH creds to log into GL
  • Tooling is a huge benefit internally
  • This shouldn’t a burden to the community
  • Linux kernal is not developed on GitHub and so therefore not all open source is developed on github
  • Salt and the like will never be moved to GitLab
  • components of Salt to be more stand alone and those will be on GitLab
  • deprecate some Salt code to make it easier and lighter, but not moving to Gitlab
  • extend the pop projects they do not have use GitHub or GitLab, i.e. tar would like those published to pypy

Stale bot

  • several comments, not so much ideas or suggestions
  • Sage suggested to move the trigger date by 15 or 30 days
  • One comment suggested 90
    • Sage will pull statics such as average lead time for triage, how many go stale now, lead time on tickets such as Pending Discussion or Info Needed
  • Open to other automation such as follow-up bot, slack integration, notice when submitting a PR explaining the process and lead time, Sage will take action on ideas and make them visible in the next week

Forward thinking

  • formulas looking at Mar 12
  • test clinic when TBD
  • triage process changes when TBD