Open Hour 2020-JUN-11

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • Salt news and updates
  • Open SEPs
  • Sodium release status
  • Modernizing network support post-deprecation
  • Bootstrap updates and POC
  • Open discussion and questions

Salt news and updates

Cassandra Faris

  • Based on community feedback, changing the order of “What’s Happening?” posts to focus on Core Team focus, SEPs, and releases before events
  • Meetups starting again June 24
  • Working Groups
    • Video upload backlog is complete
    • Cassandra to contact WG captains to find out Magnesium priorities

IRC to Slack Bridge

Wayne Werner and Community Member Imran Iqbal

  • Using the Matrix bridge in the Slack #formulas channel. There is an issue where new users who join in Slack don’t always show up in IRC, waiting to hear feedback from Matrix.
  • Bridge setup completed during the Open Hour thanks to Gareth and Imran.

Open SEPs

Sage Robins

Sodium release status and questions

Moe Abdula, Core Team, and Community Members

  • Thank you to all who contributed to the release!
  • On track for June 17 release around 12:00pm MCT/6:00pm UTC.
  • Laying out issues and priorities for the .1 and Magnesium releases.
    • Several issues have been identified and labeled 3001.1 for the point release. This tells which issues will be in the point release.
    • Bug fix release project board available here: for 3001.1 release. Review those to view priorities.
    • Focusing on things that are critical. Share critical issues with the Core Team so they can triage.
    • Dot release scheduled for mid-July. This timeframe also coincides with Magnesium planning.
    • Code freeze to be lifted in mid-July.
  • Community deliverables
    • Hub for everyone to find information – wiki services this purpose.
    • More recognition for key contributors
    • Events are on a regular cadence.
  • Sodium EL6 support: There is no RedHat 6, Debian 8, or Python 2.

Modernizing post-depreciation network support

David Murphy

  • Community topic request: Can we discuss modernizing networking support now that distributions are moving deprecated things.
  • Salt has been relying on deprecated network tools partially due to Python 2, Solaris 10, and AIX support. As long as OSs didn’t remove those tools from their packages, there was no issue. Ubuntu 20 removed their support so the team now needs to update Salt for new, supported distributions. During the Magnesium planning session, we’ll create an epic to approach and support this need.
  • Primary approach will be to use newer versions of the net-tools, but still need to have some support for the old ones because we’re still reliant on them. This is slated to be done during Magnesium.
  • GitHub issue re: avoiding use of deprecated net-tools:

Bootstrap updates and POC

Pedro Algarvio

  • Community topic request: As we move to a single binary, how will we update Bootstrap?
  • Those who are deep into Salt likely rely on Salt Bootstrap which is a shell script that allows us to bootstrap Salt Masters and minions in different scenarios.
  • Salt Bootstrap has grown making it harder to maintain, test, and improve. Pedro started a proof-of-concept to create something that is more testable and maintainable.
  • Q&As
    • One of the benefits of having a bootstrap script is that people can download it and inspect what they’re running (or even make minor changes to suit their use case). Will there be no script-based solution once is deprecated?
      • People won’t be able to inspect that single binary or simply edit shell script.
      • The build process will be open and transparent which will allow you to build and use your binary to bootstrap things.
      • will be deprecated which will help make the code more testable and maintainable.
    • Can we create a short script that runs this process?
      • This is an option.
      • Will need to consider backwards compatibility as it impacts Salt Cloud.
      • Salt Cloud can already download the latest release of the script and use that rather than the one that’s shipped with Salt. There is no plan to just delete the bootstrap script as of now though it won’t be shipped going forward.
    • This is a work in progress.
      • The team will be sharing this POC information and soliciting additional feedback via Slack’s Develop channel. There may also be a SEP depending on the response to the request for feedback.
      • Input on the single binary, along with related security concerns, is welcome.

Open discussion and questions

Community and Core Team

  • Is virtual SaltConf happening?
    • The decision hasn’t been finalized.
    • Alternatives and/or additions: Virtual meetups, a dedicated time for the community to come together and chat, bookend Magnesium PR port/Documentation jam with keynotes and updates.
  • Is there a way to access historical SaltConf archives?
    • Playlists for SaltConf 2018 and prior are available on YouTube.
    • Request access to SaltConf 2019 playlist via this form.
  • Is there a release date set for Salt 3000.4?
    • A 3000.4 would only occur if there was a CVE.
    • The next target would be 3001.1, then in October Salt 3002 (Magnesium) will be released.