Open Hour 2020-JUN-18

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


Salt News and updates

Cassandra Faris

  • Big news: Sodium is live
    • Sodium blog posts
      • Thanks to Community Member Max Arnold for another excellent “What’s New in Salt??” blog post.
      • Sodium recap from a community management perspective is available on the SaltStack Community Site.
  • PR Merge Jam planning in progress. May include a Documentation Jam, opening keynote, and short talks throughout the event.
  • Meetup featuring Nick Hughes speaking on Infra as Code with Nick Hughes scheduled for June 24. More details are at

Sodium release status and highlights

Core Team

  • Community
    • This was the first release cycle that Cassandra Faris was fully involved from planning stages to release.
    • Community growth was exciting. Went from 141 contributors in Neon to 204 in Sodium, burned down items in PR Merge backlog, increased event attendance, added the Formulas Working Group, repaired the IRC-Slack bridge, worked on the CVE salt-miner-bridge, hosted several virtual meetups, and set a Twitch schedule that includes Test Clinics.
    • Communication processes firmed up and streamlined. Timeline in place for recurring events.
    • Core Team is proud of the community’s work and thankful for their flexibility as we faced the COVID-19 and CVE-related challenges.
  • This release cycle included 2 additional releases: a bug fix and the CVE, along with patches for previous versions of Salt. This was a major accomplishment for the team that it’s never done before. The work couldn’t have been done without the community. Thank you to all who contributed!
  • Additional major Sodium contributions: MSI Installer for Windows, switch to PyCryptodome, documentation fixes, foundation work for future releases, initial implementation of towncrier, and increased contributions from the Working Group.
  • Move to purely Python 3 will be a big improvement from a support and development standpoint.

Working group goals for Magnesium

Cassandra Faris and Working Group Captains

  • Cloud (Nick Hughes): “I think the only thing we’re pushing is more involvement, so if someone just wants to mention that we’d love to have contributors come help us with developing the next generation of cloud modules, that’d be awesome!”.
  • Documentation (Alan Culver & Alyssa Rock): “Work on laying the groundwork to transition the Salt docs over to the new theme and separate the core docs out from the Salt project (not including module documentation and anything in docstrings).”.
    • SaltStack is currently implementing a new theme across several areas. The theme will allow upgrades to Sphinx (the documentation compiler we use).
    • The new theme shows users how to do different commands in different operating systems with a simple click on a tab as well as other features.
  • Formulas (Imran Iqbal): Nothing specific. Doing work and focusing on the tiger board and meeting every other week.
  • Mac OS (Wesley Whetstone): WWDC is coming soon and will likely result in a new MacOS version. The group is trying to prepare for that. They’re working on getting the Salt MacOS package fully signed and notarized by Apple which will open up new capabilities. The group is also excited to work with Idem Darwin project and with new modules.
  • SSH: No response.
  • Testing: No response.
  • Windows (Shane Lee): The group will likely focus on Pop Grains and is working on planning.
  • Recurring theme: Working Groups are looking for members. These are a great place to get involved in the aspects of Salt that matter most to individual contributors.

SEP #22 – added pop

Tyler Johnson

test-kitchen overview and project support

Community Member Jason Field

  • Jason is a maintainer for test-kitchen and is looking for people to help maintain things. The maintainers want to help make sure that this project will remain compatible with Salt. This maintenance work would mostly focus on reviewing PRs and what people are proposing as features.
  • He’s opened an issue asking for help:
  • It was great to see a contributor reach out and ask Salt to help with their project. Others are welcome to do this at any time. It helps community as a whole grow.

Open discussion and questions

Community and Core Team

  • Are we still following the dot releases on major releases and slating features for new major releases?
    • Yes. The bugfix release focuses on smaller or minor fixes plus some Python 2/Python 3 updates.
    • CVE releases are focused only on CVEs.
    • We will continue this cycle. We will share dates and deadlines with the community as they’re finalized.
  • Community management, communication, and releases
    • One of the Community Manager’s areas of focus is to make sure these updates, SEPs, and other news are shared with the community. Cassandra is open to feedback and requests as we improve communication processes.
    • Internally, we use a community-requests Slack channel to share requests for help and areas of feedback.
    • As several community members start suggesting or requesting things, the team takes a closer look at implementing them.
  • How long will 2019.2 be supported and will any further fixes be released for that version?
    • Currently in CVE maintenance only.
    • CVE maintenance ends September 30, 2020.
  • Besides kitchen-salt, what other links are there between Salt and test-kitchen?
    • Salt currently consumes the Docker platform and uses it in several other areas.
    • Dafydd has aleady managed to get Windows testing using Kitchen working via GitHub Actions. More details are available here.
  • What releases are after Magnesium?
    • Aluminium, then Silicone.