Open Hour 2020-MAR-13

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • Community news & events
  • Community commitments for the Sodium Release and beyond
  • Point release updates
  • GitHub 2-factor authentication enforcement timeline
  • Community feedback follow-ups & open conversation

Community Updates:

  • Event updates: In-person meetups on hold. Monthly virtual meetups are coming in April. SaltConfEU may move online or to another date as we monitor the COVID-19 situation. Final decision in the coming weeks.
  • Open Hour Agendas: Google form will be created for general discussion topics and specific requests. They’ll close on Tuesdays and share by EOD Wednesday.

Topics Covered in Depth

Community Commitments for Sodium

Cassandra Faris/Moe Anderson

  • SaltStack community website will become a central hub for all Salt-related information, events, community news (including releases and SEPs), blog posts, and links to necessary contributor information.
  • We’re creating increased collaboration opportunities through regular virtual meetups, Open Hour deep dives, clinics, and code jams.
  • Smoothing out communication channels and processes. Step one is a Community Interest Survey that will be out next week.

Point Release

  • Moving forward with 3000.1. We are merging the last of the PR’s and addressing the cut and working towards tagging
  • PR list for the 3000.1 release is available on GitHub

GitHub 2-Factor Authentication

  • Still several contributors who don’t have it enabled.
  • Those who haven’t enabled 2FA will get a reminder. If it’s not turned on by March 26, access will be revoked