Open Hour 2020-MAR-19

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • Virtual SaltStack events
  • Master Branch freeze/thaw
  • Backlog management
  • GitHub 2FA status
  • Open community discussion and questions

Community Updates:

  • Events being posted to SaltStack community site
  • Upcoming collaboration opportunities: community members and Working Group captains giving updates in Open Hours, Open Hour Clinics, and Code Jams

Topics Covered in Depth

Meetups and Virtual Events

Cassandra Faris/Moe Anderson

  • Weekly virtual meetups to begin April 15. Two per month will feature the same talk so audiences in different continents can view them. The others will be a mix of one-off talks, panels, and presentations by community members.
  • Virtual meetups give us more flexibility in language, content, and format.
  • Speakers needs. Contact Cassandra if you’re interested.

Freeze/Thaw Master Branch

  • New release cadence has been documented and is available in a SEP. This helps clarifies expectations and help contributors know what to expect.

Backlog Management

  • Pull Requests, Issues, and PRs that were merged into other branches all in the backlog. We used to be running 3 major releases at any time, meaning there were 8 development branches we were trying to maintain. We’ve since moved to the more common single branch release strategy. We still want to make sure that all of that work gets ported into the master branch, ~900 things in the backlog
  • Want to have a hackathon/code jam to help get those merged. Many can be automated but there will also be merge conflicts.
  • The other challenge is these were merged before we were requiring tests to merge into master. Tests will be required before merging and will need to be written as well. We want to help people learn to run and write tests.The sooner everyone is familiar with testing, the more quickly we can address the backlog.
  • Invitation to bring ideas to Open Hours
  • Have identified bottlenecks. Sage has created a project board in GitHub to track these items and some have been assigned. This helps create transparency and will give us a more accurate idea of our burn rate. Visibility into PRs was the number one requested item from the community during our recent planning

Community Questions

  • What is the outlook for 3000.1 and Sodium?
    • In testing phase, found some issues with packaging that we’re working on. Once those are resolved, we’ll test, which should be completed by March 27. Sodium should be out in June with feature freeze in mid-May.
  • Are we still on track to have Tornado updates for Sodium?
    • The goal is to have Tornado 6 in Sodium. Two issues exist: Two issues exist. One is on Windows and the other is with TCP Transport communication issues between Salt Master and Minion when trying to use that in newer Tornados.
  • Are there plans to form a Formulas Working Group?
    • When this was discussed a few months ago, contributors decided there wasn’t a need for one. Now that more people are interested, we can start working on logistics to form a Formulas Working Group.
  • Packaging for Ubuntu 20.04?
    • It Will be part of Sodium release rather than 3000.1
  • Is Py2 support being dropped for Sodium?
    • It will be dropped for Sodium. There’s a tool that will help users determine what’s reliant on Python 2 that will be available. We will not drop code intentionally, but will allow it to drop.
  • Is the Testing WG still active and how can someone join it?
    • Yes. It meets once a month to share what they’ve been doing and plan for the next month. They have created major tasks to tackle and spent last meeting prioritizing those tasks. One of those tasks is picking up the PRs that need to be ported into Master to see what else needs to be added.
    • All it takes to join a Working Group is to show up and be willing to contribute.
  • Can we comment on SaltStack preparedness for COVIS-19 Virus?
    • Not just as a company but as a community, we’re watching out for events that are happening around us. We want to make sure everyone is healthy, safe, and taking necessary precautions.
    • Company has moved to WFH policy and is exercising our business continuity plan to support client needs.
    • Automation can help in this current climate by simplifying things, meaning people don’t need to visit data centers as often. As a result, the use of our platform is being expanded.
    • We’re here to help and support the community with COVID-19-related issues. This is an opportunity to bring the community together.