Open Hour 2020-MAR-26

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • Virtual SaltStack meetups and events
  • Formulas Working Group
  • 3000.1 status
  • PR analysis and backlog status updates
  • Currently being worked dashboard
  • Open community discussion and questions


 Ton of virtual events coming up check to RSVP and see details

Topics Covered in Depth


Imran maintain for the last year or so, happy to have a group (myii)

  • relationship between SaltStack and the formulas org Wayne: community effort and support and encourage the effort, not a formally attached to the SaltStack organization, technically independent. Previously, Daniel Wallace from SaltStack and now it will be, going forward, Tyler Johnson


-Pillars using the configs in them, docs says yes, but isn’t performant, what is the stance from SaltStack? technical questions and deeply into their setup chat: msmith – there have been quite extensive conversations amongst salt users regarding pillars. mostly it’s been about how people have been guided by the documentation to use pillar, yet the solutions in practice – at scale – use pillar sparingly
 Tom: That is a very good approach, the map.jinja files are significantly more performant

-SPM reshaping formulas to use with SPM, 60 formulas configured, but we can’t use them, would love to separate it from the main repo of Salt (Tom), sit down to help with that and make that into a separate project

-Cedric Bosdonnat – 3 mentors for each student, Libvert organization, admin and mentor and need Salt mentor, volunteer – virtualization library Tom: to double check who was the last person to work on it, (Tom probably) is most knowledgeable maybe someone else he can shepherd and ask in IRC and slack community as well and yes we will work with you

Topics from the Core team

3000.1 release Megan

was this week, but it will now be targeting to next week, testing issues and found something new today, failing tests and not including in the package

Backlog of PRs Gareth

down to 90 to review of all 900+ ~560 are pending, likely will knock down ~200 auto merging or cherry picking to master quickly