Open Hour 2020-OCT-08

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • Salt news, updates, and SaltConf 20 Virtual
  • Docs Jam recap
  • VMWare’s acquisition of SaltStack
  • Salt Enhancement Proposals: SEP 25: Add runtime registers to Salt, SEP 26: Package Salt with Tiamat, SEP 27: Create a Community Advisory Board
  • New New SEP 28: Add inclusive language
  • Open community discussion & questions

Salt News and updates

Community Manager Cassandra Faris

  • SaltConf 20 is October 29. Registration is open.
  • The core team has focused on Tiamat testing, bug fixes, and preparing for Magnesium RC. Code freeze was September 29, but there was a delay in the RC due to some test issues. The RC will be out on or before October 13. From a community standpoint, the focus has been the Docs Jam and Advisory Board SEP.

Docs Jam recap

Community Manager Cassandra Faris and SaltStack Technical Writer Alyssa Rock
Discussion begins at 1:30 on the video

  • Due to community feedback to improve documentation, we set aside a day for people to come together and work on docs.
  • Highlights
    • Ken Crowell and Derek Ardolf completed module documentation fixes.
    • One new contributor joined us.
    • Ongoing side conversations discussed how everyone in tech is learning all the time and no one has to be an expert to contribute to Open Source. Keynoter Erin McKean of Google reiterated the importance of learning and openness of the community during her talk.
    • Alyssa opened a PR for a new topic that gives a highlight that overviews all Salt system architecture. She worked with Gareth and Shane to create a diagram. This was the first time she was able to successfully contribute a PR to Salt Open Docs.

VMWare’s acquisition of Salt

SaltStack CTO Tom Hatch
Discussion begins at 5:20 on the video

  • The October 1 Open Hour was exclusively dedicated to the VMWare acquisition. The video and notes are available for review.
  • If there are additional questions, reach out to the team.

Existing SEPs

  • SEP 25: Add runtime registers to Salt,
  • SEP 26: Package Salt with Tiamat,
  • SEP 27: Create a Community Advisory Board

Community Manager Cassandra Faris
Discussion begins at 6:10 on the video

  • The next step for SEP 25 is to contact the creator and clarify whether he has more to add. He’d stated that the SEP he submitted was a draft.
  • The next step for SEP 26 is likely to close it within the next week or so. It will need to be completed by the Magnesium release.
  • The next step for SEP 27 is to make some formatting changes to the SEP. Since it’s a change in governance, it’s on hold until the VMWare acquisition is finalized.

New SEP 28: Add inclusive language

Community Manager Cassandra Faris
Discussion begins at 8:50 on the video

  • Link to SEP:
  • There has been conversation about removing problematic terms such as master, whitelist, and blacklist. This is something Salt has been looking at. VMWare has taken a stance on this, so the decision will be deferred to them.
  • We don’t want offensive language in the software and are exploring changing blacklist and whitelist to blocklist and allowlist. The change has to be made in a way that doesn’t include bugs.
  • Minion and master were initially chosen because, at the time Tom created Salt, Master wasn’t considered offensive.
  • Changing Master cannot be easily changed and could create significant potential issues within the product.
  • The changes will need to follow a deprecation path to minimize risk of introducing bugs and usability issues.