Open Hour 2020-OCT-15

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • SaltConf 20 Virtual Event
  • Community Champion Nominations
  • Release Candidate (RC) for Magnesium
  • GA Release next Wed 2020-10-21
  • Point Release in Nov
  • SEPs

Meeting Notes

SaltConf 20 Virtual Event

  • Thursday 2020-10-29
  • To register and see details:
  • Focused on the Community specifically
  • Individual Networking, virtual booths
  • Nominate Community Champion
  • Top Contributor will also be announced

Release Candidate (RC) for Magnesium


  • Reviewed open SEP titles here
  • Process needs iteration such as assigning each SEP a champion or a lead to help see them through to completion, this can be more than the Core Team, Community Members welcome!
  • We are attempting to have all the communication within the SEPs, but of course we want to bring them up in the Open Hour meetings because this is a place to ask questions, have discussions, so looking to keep this agenda item each week.
  • Greeting Bot was added to the SEP repo
    • Need to continue to iterate on that message and other automation (in general)
  • Community Advisory Board is very exciting and needs shepherding, looking forward to this and making this real
    • Sage’s task to follow up on the comments that need to be addressed and find an assignee to champion this SEP

SEP 26

  • Title: Package Salt with Tiamat
  • Specifically Comment #34
  • Conversation during the meeting 2 different items or things here
    • extending salt to load more modules into a salt environment to pick it up – recently available in v7.3
    • pip install into the system – not yet addressed as of these notes (Comment #34) need to fix on the salt side, default to the python environment on the system and will be addressed for the Magnesium release or the following point release (correction at the time of the original notes the Core team attempted to correct for the Mg release, and more work will continue for the Mg point release in November)
  • README for beta tiamat packages of Salt

More General Notes mentioned throughout the meeting

  • During this transition Janae Andrus and Sage Robins are you main contacts, please reach out to us!
  • Planning coming up for Aluminium: not set date yet, but will communicate once known (Sage)
  • Magnesium Community Retrospective
    • Date is TBD will be during the Open Hour time slot, will be scheduled soon and communicated