Open Hour 2020-SEP-17

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


Salt News and Updates

Community Manager Cassandra Faris

  • Twitch streams: Triage, Test Clinics and Research & Development. The schedule is on the Salt Community Events Calendar.
  • Core Team development focus: ZD issues, resolving bugs, rules features, and preparing for feature freeze.
  • PRs that are green with passing tests and the Magnesium label will be merged into the release, provided they have changelogs, docs, etc. if necessary.
  • For PR help, reach out to Cassandra who will get you in touch with someone who can help ready the PR.
  • Upcoming events
    • Documentation jam: Dates and times TBD. This will be an opportunity for people to work on improving documentation in areas chosen by the Docs Working Group. One of the most common requests from community members is improved documentation. This event will help improve documentation.
    • SaltConf 20 is scheduled for Oct 29 online. The Call for Proposals is open. Community members are encouraged to submit talks that will appeal to other contributors. SaltConf will have material for enterprise users as well as contributors.

Salt Enhancement Proposal (SEP) 25: Add runtime registers to Salt

Community Manager Cassandra Faris
Discussion begins at 7:15 on the video

  • GitHub conversation about the SEP is being monitored.
  • There is some question as to whether this is a SEP or something else. This is TBD after further conversations.
  • SEP submitter is in a time zone that doesn’t work with community events, driving much of the conversation to the SEP itself.

Salt Enhancement Proposal (SEP) 26: Package Salt with Tiamat

Community Manager Cassandra Faris
Discussion begins at 8:45 on the video

  • Tiamat work is ongoing. This SEP was covered extensively in the September 10 Open Hour.
  • Tiamat will ultimately make things easier when packaging.
  • Someone wanted to know if Tiamat builds of 3001.1 are available. There are plans to create it, though it doesn’t exist yet. When it’s live, it’ll be added to the SEP.
  • Community member question: What is the difference between single binary builds and Wonder.
    • Wonder is how everything will be packaged with devs for Debian.
    • Single binary is more meant for testing pipelines. This will also likely be used as part of Salt SSH.
  • Community member question: Will SEPs be updated to reflect SEP-related conversations that are happening elsewhere (Slack, Open Hours, etc.)?
    • Yes. This is a work in progress.
    • There isn’t an explicit timeline, but there are guidelines in the SEP repo. The timeline can change depending on how big a change is or how much discussion occurs.
    • Tiamat is a large SEP so is taking longer than some others.

Big Feature Roadmap: PyTest

SaltStack Engineer Pedro Algarvio
Discussion begins at 16:58 on the video

  • A community member requested that we cover more big picture items such as Validate & Sanitize and PyTest as well as the usual bug fixes.
  • There is a blog post available about the switch to PyTest. The switch hasn’t yet happened. The changes have been made. The core team allowed time for the community to become aware of the change.
  • The switch hasn’t happened due to some failures that happened. Pedro is in the middle of cleaning up the remaining failures. There is still a Windows failure that affects both PyTest and RunTest that still needs fixed. The switch to PyTest will be final once these items are addressed and is in a stable CI status.
  • As soon as the cleanup is complete, this will be labeled for PRs, leave that open for a week or two, then make the switch.
  • We are already getting PRs that are running tests using PyTest. This is a good thing.
  • Community member question: Are there plans to have a tutorial or guide on how to test custom execution and state modules with PyTest fixtures?
    • Yes. The current testing documentation will become obsolete with the switch. Documentation will be refactored and updated to reflect the change.

Open community discussion & questions

Community Manager Cassandra Faris
Discussion begins at 24:48 on the video

  • Community member question: When is the Magnesium feature freeze?
    • It’s scheduled for September 22 by end-of-business Mountain Time.
  • As always, community members are encouraged to submit Open Hour topics. This can include but isn’t limited to PR updates, development questions, requests for assistance, or almost anything Salt-related that people are curious about.