Open Hour 2020-SEP-24

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • Salt news, updates, Docs Jam, and SaltConf
  • Salt Enhancement Proposals: SEP 25: Add runtime registers to Salt, SEP 26: Package Salt with Tiamat, SEP 27: Create a Community Advisory Board
  • Contributor topic request: Saltclass state and support, revisiting and discussing this issue:
  • Open community discussion & questions

Salt News and Updates

Community Manager Cassandra Faris
Discussion begins at 3:19 on the video

  • The Open Hour is a free conversation between the Salt contributor base and Core Team. All community members are welcome to suggest topics and attend.
  • Twitch streams are ongoing. We receive several questions about tests from community members. A great place to get those answered is the Twitch Test Clinic streams. Research & Development stream is on hold for about a month.
  • Documentation Jam is confirmed for October 7. The most common piece of community feedback is that the documentation needs improvement. We’re going to set aside a whole day to work on docs live via Zoom and Twitch.
    • There will be a keynoter, Erin McKean of Google, speaking during the jam.
    • Three pathways that attendees can focus on during the jam: module case studies, issue creation, and issue triage.
    • If you want to attend the Jam and need setup help on your machine, attend the Documentation Clinic on September 30 or check out the Doc Clinic video on YouTube afterwards.
  • SaltConf 20 Virtual is October 29. The agenda and schedule are in progress. There will be virtual booths for contributors.
  • Team focus: getting ready for code freeze, drafting Advisory Board SEP, Docs Jam work
  • Code freeze date is changed to September 29. After a review, we realized that we wouldn’t be able to get some critical items in without changing the freeze date. Things that have passing tests and Magnesium label will be merged if they’re in.

SEPs 25 (Runtime Registers), 26 (Tiamat), and 27 Advisory Board

Community Manager Cassandra Faris
Discussion begins at 11:01 on the video

  • Tiamat SEP will be closing soon. There is a Tiamat channel on Slack that has lots of good Tiamat conversation. The next task for the SEP is to review the feedback and address it.

Contributor topic request: Saltclass state and support

SaltStack Core Team
Discussion begins at 14:28 on the video

  • Link to the relevant issue:
  • A PR has been open for some time that is on large Salt class refactoring. Salt Class had been created, but then the team realized it needed changes. An effort to refactor it is underway.
  • Feedback from community member who submitted this topic request: “This is the root of what’s holding saltclass back, and it has references from/to a whole host of other issues. The problems are so significant that it’s really not usable in the current state (eg. The broken merging means states appear multiple times in the topfile it generates). I am (we are) reclass users and saltclass looked a great first-class citizen replacement. The concept is great but it seems since the original merge there has been very little attention given and the original maintainer appears too tied up to give it the attention it needs. In addition there seems nobody else willing to address the problems, so it would be good to get some eyes on the problems and perhaps see what can be done to get it some attention (and establish some lines of responsibility)”
  • One possible solution to move this forward is to create a Salt class working group.