Open Hour 2021-APR-01

April 1, 2021 - Sage Robins


General Updates

Virtual Meetup: Wed. April 21st, 4-5PM MDT / 10-11 UTC


Salt Enhancement Proposals

Open SEPs

We are working on a communications plan to be more transparent, and scheduled.

Platform Support

Reminder: We are following our current platform support model

Triage Jam

Throughout April join us at Tuesday Triage Meetings usually from 10:30-11:30 AM MDT but we will rotate the time to catch various timezones


Checkout the current calendar (next week, we may be showing the community a new events calendar, which would be updating/replacing the following):

  • HTML:
  • ICS/Outlook:
  • All Community Events:
  • Community Events RSS Feed:

Salt Release: Aluminium

  • Aluminium was released this week
  • Reviewing any issues logged and looking at a minor release target date of 2021-APR-28

Package Updates

Working Groups and Clinics

New groups, which need captains!

  • Security
  • Test
  • k8s

Salt k8s first meeting! April 6th, 9-10AM MDT / 3-4 UTC

Working groups link on Salt Project:

Docs Working Group and Docs Clinic streams:

Streams: Test clinics, docs clinics, and idem/pop streams!


Ideas for combining calendar items

  • Having all items in the calendar would be excellent
  • Releases, working groups, virtual meetups, working groups, etc.

What should What’s Happening include?

  • Automate as much as possible: scrape the calendar, note anything about Salt Air or The Hacks, etc.

Any updates on whether native minions or the delta proxy will be open sourced?

  • No updates just yet.

SEP feedback: how are certain SEPs accepted when there is little feedback (even if all negative), and other SEPs are dropped when there is little feedback?