Open Hour 2021-APR-15

April 15, 2021 - Sage Robins


  • General Updates
  • Release Updates
  • Package Updates
  • Salt Enhancement Proposals
  • Working Groups and Clinics
  • Retrospective
  • YouTube Video

General Updates

  • Salt Air playlist on YouTube: New videos will be posted each Thursday, including a new one dropping later today!
  • The Hacks Podcast new episode today
  • Virtual Meetup will be a panel with the new Salt-Kubernetes Working Group next Wednesday Virtual Meetup 2021-APR-21
  • SaltConf21 virtual 2 day event NOV-03 and NOV-04 – website is coming soon!
  • In May Package Repo changes please see this GitHub Issue


Misc. Salt Project Links


Store will have discounts posted today please visit (discussion on items to put in the store)

Salt Enhancement Proposals

Open Salt Enhancement Proposals (SEPs)

We are working on a communications plan to be more transparent – for the entire Salt Project.

Working Groups

Cloud meet on Monday, but it was only attended by Nick Hughes, Sage and later Derek from the Salt Project – did not record, looking at revamping and possible day/time change

Salt-Formulas meet this week – very successful and busy group, if interested please join us on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 9 AM MDT (link above has meeting details)

Release meet on Wednesday and they have many tasks and lots of momentum! From the last CVE retro there is much to do, please join us next month if you are interested (details in the link above)

Docs Working Group and Docs Clinic streams:

  • New docs salt-user-guide
  • Join the #Documentation channel on the community slack
  • Docs Working group is continuing onward, so feel free to join and help the docs

Streams: Test clinics, docs clinics, and idem/pop streams!


  • Question: Progress on GitHub Issue: Apply pre-commit changes repo-wide to reduce PR chatter and improve contributor/reviewer experience? Answer: There is an open PR on the pre-commit updates to Salt repo: Dropping python 2 code with a large change, please review, give feedback, it has been open for a bit and looking to merge this in early for the Silicon release cycle
  • Question: Does anyone have a Cisco-Nexus machine to test this PR ([DOCS] Update nxos installation docs to use python3 #59956)? Answer: No but we would use a Tiamat build to test something like this – it would be similar to the Arista Native Minion
    • Native Minions = different build and test process, but minion is a regular Salt Minion
    • Good point that documentation like this likely will need to link to other documentation as we move to a distributed docs – more to come as that occurs over time
  • Question: As we look at moving the Native Minion into Open Source would there be a need or interest in reviving the Networking Working Group? Answer: Gary would participate and thinks others will likely participate as well. We will get in contact with those that participated previously.
  • General discussion: Sage will take an action to by next week have a Security Working Group first meeting on the calendar and we will track these action items in this meeting in the notes
  • Communication plan is still to be done
  • New open source projects: timelines and details will be announced next week