Open Hour 2021-APR-29

May 1, 2021 - Sage Robins


General Updates

  • Salt Air playlist on YouTube: New videos will be posted each Thursday, including a new one dropping later today!
  • The Hacks Podcast new episode today
  • Virtual Meetup 3rd Wednesday every month 5 PM Mountain
  • SaltConf21 virtual 2 day event NOV-03 and NOV-04 – website is coming soon!
  • In May Package Repo changes please see this GitHub Issue


Misc. Salt Project Links


Salt store has deep discounts

Release Announcements

  • Aluminium bugfix or point release is delayed due to memory leak issue
  • We need to get details before we can set this release date and likely this will affect other release dates – unable to replicate the issue
  • Target Release dates are on the calendar – they will change
  • MAY-12 or MAY-19? If we release sooner we’d like to, but right now the date isn’t set

Salt Enhancement Proposals

Open Salt Enhancement Proposals (SEPs)

We are working on a communications plan to be more transparent – for the entire Salt Project.

Working Groups

Docs Working Group and Docs Clinic streams:

  • New docs salt-user-guide
  • Join the #Documentation channel on the community slack
  • Docs Working group is continuing onward, so feel free to join and help the docs

Streams: Test clinics, docs clinics, and idem/pop streams! Find us on Twitch


  • Question: What happens to messages from minions that are disconnected from the master so You know i’ve got a network if let’s say a server doesn’t necessarily go down, but for whatever whatever reason loses its a port connections to the master. And it can’t send out event logs are those event messages lost or is there a back queue that once it rejoins the network and sees the master that I can go fish them out from somewhere.
    • Answer: It does retry for a certain amount of time I forget off hand what what the value is it will retry but eventually it will just basically give up and those those events are no longer queued. Execution Module and File Module to query (long discussion and was taken to slack to troubleshoot very specific use case)
  • Comment: (Sage) Codecov vulnerability and communication, apologies for not communicating sooner. We have taken steps to mitigate and looking at what we can do further. We were notified and immediately took steps to start mitigation. More details to come – in the security channel in slack we gave a few more details.
  • Comment: (Sage) Speaking of Slack – we are getting a paid workspace, you will be able to keep the history of conversations and much more! We have ideas on making that experience much more robust. That workspace is not moving to VMware’s Slack organization. It will remain independent.
  • Moving forward with Salt-Cloud to move to a salt-extension module – in the works
  • Native Minions is being open sourced and timeline is in the works, more to come soon, unsure of which release, code exists, packages need to be made available
  • Delta Proxy will be in Silicon release cycle
  • Scrum of Scrums 1st Friday Planning Meeting, US AM captains will be individually invited
  • Security Working Group will have their first meeting in May – 2nd Monday US AM timeframe – details to come
  • Sage is looking at make the Working Groups more asynchronous – obvious how to contribute and pick up pieces of work – more come!