Open Hour 2021-FEB-04

February 4, 2021 - Chunga


  • General Updates
  • Release Updates
  • Package Updates
  • Working Groups and Clinics
  • Salt Enhancement Proposals
  • Question & Answer
  • YouTube Recording link

Meeting Notes

General Updates

  • Salt Project branding: In-progress!
    • (redirect complete)
    • (redirect complete)
    • and (redirects complete)
  • New social media accounts
    • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Virtual Meetups: 3rd Wednesday, monthly
  • Community content on
    • Working Groups
    • Clinics
    • Events plugin (in progress)
    • Meeting notes
    • RSS Feeds
    • All the things! and more to come
  • Docs Jam: Feb. 10th, 9-3 MST Zoom Link

Release Updates

  • CVE release delayed to Feb. 25th
    • We introduced a bug during the fix, which we discovered late in the release process
  • Aluminium Release: March 31st
    • Move RC date TBD, will be announced next week
  • pytest: In place for Aluminium
  • The migration to pytest has been a massive, awesome effort! These continued moves to pytest
  • will help with the future of our testing suite and testing standards in general. A nice plugin is in the works, which will be getting some more documentation in the new future

Package Updates

Working Groups and Clinics

  • Cloud – skip Feb
  • Docs – will pause
  • Formulas – every other Tues
  • Test and Release – needs reviving and split into two (Sage’s task)
  • MacOS – monthly very active
  • Windows – monthly very active
  • New! Security and Salty k8s (Sage’s tasks)
  • Test Clinic Tue/Thu on Twitch
  • Docs every other Thursday – may look at changing the time or the focus or both


  • Q: CVE release delay and finding the problems late in the process: is Salt Project working to improve their release rigor? A: We will be providing a more in-depth root cause analysis when the CVE is released, when it comes to delay causes.We are also working to close the feedback loop on Release Candidates (RCs), and we are making improvements to our test suite and build pipeline automation. We aren’t there, yet, but it is in the works.
  • Q: Defining the CAB – In reference to the SEP on creating a Community Advisory Board (CAB) definition w.r.t. RC testing, and community utilization – How can Salt Project involve the community more in the RC testing process? A:We are working on having a pipeline produce builds every-other-day with Tiamat, via salt-pkg. Randy Thompson has implemented an internal pipeline for creating builds with Tiamat. He’s offered to reach out to Salt Project for implementation and strategy. We may consider unpausing the Working Group that was dedicated to testing, and split it between two – 1) Release testing and 2) Testing (Sage will work with Janae to get this evangelized)
  • Comment: Salt has dozens of formula repositories that would be excellent to take advantage of, which could be executed as part of a collective test automation. The Formulas working group can be taken advantage of.
  • Q: Embargo date for the change in CVE release date? A: Yes, but will check to ensure (Sage’s task)