Open Hour 2021-FEB-11

February 11, 2021 - slangadmin

YouTube Video Recording


  • General Updates
  • Release Updates
  • Package Updates
  • Working Groups and Clinics
  • Salt Enhancement Proposals
  • Question & Answer

General Updates

Docs Jam was a success! Lots of new contributors.

  • If any contributors have run into problems, with pre-commit or otherwise, reach out to Derek Ardolf (@ScriptAutomate) on the Salt Community Slack.

Virtual Meetup next Wed, February 17th at 5 pm, MTN

  • Randy Thompson with GoDaddy will be presenting
  • The build pipeline for Tiamat build salt binaries, states, etc. as a walled garden deploy setup for teams.

Release Updates

  • CVE release: Feb 25th
  • Aluminium Release: Mar 31st
  • Move RC date to Mar 4th
  • Code freeze: Feb 25th

Package Updates

  • Slack channel: #salt-package-updates
  • Project board:


What about support for Rocky Linux (or other CentOS-related OS replacements)? Where are details about support OS targets from Salt?

Working Groups and Clinics

  • Cloud: Skip Feb, Mar Sage will attend and get details for a Project Charter it was suggested salty k8s could also fit here and likely needs a focus
  • Formulas: Meets every other Tue (meet this week see the recording on YouTube)
  • Docs: Every other Thu (not this week, but next)
  • MacOS & Windows: Active
  • NEW (4): Security, Salty k8s, Testing and Release


  • Test clinics Tue/Thu

Salt Enhancement Proposals

  • Open SEPs:
  • Many went into the Final Comment Period – Sage will put these on the SEPs channel in Salt Community Slack later today and it is rough consensus to move to plan implementation, Sage also want to consider the use of milestones instead of merging in accepted or rejected SEPs (open for comments and feedback!)