Open Hour 2021-FEB-18

February 19, 2021 - slangadmin


  • General Updates
  • Release Updates
  • Package Updates
  • Working Groups and Clinics
  • Salt Enhancement Proposals
  • Question & Answer

Meeting Notes

General Updates

Checkout the current calendar:

  • HTML:
  • ICS/Outlook:
  • All Community Events:
  • Community Events RSS Feed:

Docs Jam was a success! Lots of new contributors.

  • Join the #Documentation channel on the community slack
  • Docs Working group is continuing onward, so feel free to join and help the docs

Salt Air relaunched! Checkout the new video:

  • New videos will be posted each Thursday

Virtual Meetup on March 17, Wed. 5pm, MTN

  • Randy Thompson with GoDaddy will be presenting
  • The build pipeline for Tiamat build salt binaries, states, etc. as a walled garden deploy setup for teams.

Misc. Salt Project Links


Release Updates

  • CVE upcoming release: Feb. 25th

Aluminium Release: March 31st

  • Move RC date to March 4th
  • Code freeze: Feb. 25th

Package Updates

  • Slack channel: #salt-package-updates
  • Project board:

Working Groups

Summary of working groups:

  • Cloud Working Group: On pause, none in Feb. (see slack discussion on shifting focus to Kubernetes)
  • Formulas Working Group: Every other Tue.
  • Docs: Every other Thu.
  • MacOS & Windows: Active

New working groups starting up:

  • Security
  • Salty K8s
  • Testing and Release

Salty k8s:

  • The Cloud Working group is thinking of experimenting/merging the Salty k8s Working Group into the Cloud Working Group

Test clinics: Tue/Thu on Twitch

  • Twitch:

Salt Enhancement Proposals

Open SEPs:

  • Many in the final stage
  • The Change Advisory Board SEP is still in-progress


Is anyone maintaining salt-pepper within the core Salt team, or VMware internally? There are open PRs and issue that look to have little activity since February 2020

  • The project is managed by Salt Project, but hasn’t been actively maintained/updated.
  • The Salt Project team would be interested in community reviews of the open PRs. Any help in these reviews are welcome.

Security Working Group: Details

Check the community repo for the draft of the Security Working Group details:



  • Working to make Salt secure by default
  • Provide best practices around installations to allow for least-privilege where possible
  • And more!