Open Hour 2021-FEB-25

March 1, 2021 - slangadmin


  • General Updates
  • Release Updates
  • Package Updates
  • Salt Enhancement Proposals
  • Working Groups and Clinics
  • Question & Answer

Meeting Notes

General Updates

Naming Convention clarifications:

  • Salt Project = The governance of Salt and other OSS projects such as Idem, POP, Heist, and Tiamat
  • Salt = Salt Open Source

Check out the current calendar:

  • HTML:
  • ICS/Outlook:
  • All Community Events:
  • Community Events RSS Feed:

Salt Air re-launched! Get behind the scenes of Salt with Janae and Tom in the newest video:

Virtual Meetup on March 17, Wed. 5pm, MTN

  • Randy Thompson with GoDaddy will be presenting
  • Topic: The build pipeline for Tiamat build salt binaries, states, etc. as a walled garden deploy setup for teams.

Misc. Salt Project Links


Release Updates

  • CVE upcoming release: Feb. 25th (see slack for real time updates)

Aluminium Release: March 31st

  • Move RC date to March 4th
  • Code freeze: Feb. 25th

Package Updates

  • Slack channel: #salt-package-updates
  • Project board:

Salt Enhancement Proposals

Open SEPs:

  • Many in the final stages
  • Submit SEPs anytime on github

Working Groups

Summary of working groups:

  • Cloud Working Group: On pause, none in Feb. (ongoing discussion on shifting focus to Kubernetes)
  • Formulas Working Group: Every other Tue.
  • Docs: Every other Thu.
  • MacOS & Windows: Active

New working groups starting up:

  • Security
  • Salty K8s
  • Testing and Release

Salty k8s:

  • The Cloud Working group is thinking of experimenting/merging the Salty k8s Working Group into the Cloud Working Group

Test clinics: Tue/Thu on Twitch

  • Twitch: (NEW LINK as of 2/26/21)


The Future of K8s support

  • If what exists in Salt is pulled out, or re-created, do they belong in idem-cloud or in salt-extensions?
  • salt-extensions would be the ideal route, with more direction and documentation in the upcoming release cycle on how extensions are approcached
  • Though: initial planning around k8s should focus more on the why than the how when it comes to k8s. What problems are we trying to solve? The k8s ecosystem is huge, with lots of existing tools.

Making a new module: idem or salt extensions?

  • Minion vs. Agentless: We recommend users focus on salt extensions vs idem, as salt extensions can be used by idem
  • We’re thinking of a goal for Silicon (3004) where we flesh out the salt extensions, the documentation around it needs to be improved and done
  • Salt extensions will have the ability to be tested by Salt’s test suite, if they exist on