Open Hour 2021-JAN-14

January 23, 2021 - slangadmin


  • General Updates
  • Aluminium Release
  • Docs Clinic Today
  • General Q&A
  • YouTube Video Link
  • PDF of Slides can be found here

Meeting Notes

General Updates

  • New Branding – redirecting to new URLs for –>​
  • Monthly Virtual Meetups starting in February more to come!​
  • Salt Air is being revived: look for communications, links, and updates
  • We are migrating the 2019.x and no-longer-supported OS packages to

Aluminium Release RC Date Changed

  • RC Date changed from Jan 28 to Feb 4 and that changes code freeze Aluminium Release Milestones

Docs Clinic

  • Today!
  • Thursdays, 2PM US MT / 8PM UTC
    • Weekly rotations between Working Group Zoom calls, and Twitch Docs Clinic streams
  • Twitch SaltStackInc

General Q&A

From IRC written by the amazing Wayne Werner

Sage> the outlook calendar is not great

Wayne> not a fan (me either, ew)

Sage> we haven’t made a decision where we want to move it, I only want to move it once but more to come about that if you have any feedback, please let me know

Janae> Yeah, things that should just be small fixes are uh… bigger. Your feedback about that pain is being heard. we need a good calendar

Sage> absolutely… and that one is not

Janae> we’re going to be revamping Salt Air, the YouTube channel. I’ll be hosting, Tom will be on that, we’ll have a lot of the core team guesting on that We’ll be getting more Salt project focused social media accounts

Sage> Yeah in the past they’ve been really focused more on the enterprise project, so this should be a good thing! On SEPs, I know that Barney is looking for starting a security WG, that’s something that we need to start up.

Barney> With the Salt project rebrand, is the GitHub org going to change?

Sage> No – not that we know of

Barney> Re: VMware merge of SSE into vRA, are there any thoughts out there about open sourcing any SSE pieces?

Sage> Will be meeting today, hopefully we will have some stuff to talk about over the next month

Andrew> When I go to there’s a series of steps, is there a way to provide prebuilt packages?specifically air-gapped installs

Bryce> you can mirror the repo – there are instructions for how to mirror those

Megan> tiamat is another option to build Salt, and then you can just distribute those

that’s how we’re building Salt using tiamat

Andrew> doesn’t persist – is that going into Aluminum?

Gareth> There’s a PR open for that, slated to go in for Aluminium

Gary> Paid Salt employees seem to be taken off some of the WG meetings – is that just a larger trend, or just optimizing resources to the WGs that are getting a lot of traction?

Sage> definitely the latter

Gary> What is the future for Salt Cloud? With vRA absorbing SSE, which has a lot of those parallel features, will Salt Cloud die?

Sage> I don’t think that it will be EOLed, as far as I understand it will continue to be supported

Janae> I know Tyler is still contributing to it

Sage> I can take that back and make sure that my understanding is correct

Andrew> What will become of the training/cert programs for Salt Open?

Sage> AFAIK it’s just continuing, but I’ll make sure to follow up to make sure that is. they’ve been full classes

Kirill> can get some more info on the SSE EOL?

utahdave> (Dave Boucha) I think the email was a little miscommunicated…

  • SSE will be vRealize Standard Plus – You can still get what is called SSE today, just rebranded (renamed)
  • vRealize customers will be able to get SSE functionality included
  • If you’re a current customer you’ll do it under the VMWare name, not SaltStack, that’s the only difference
  • If you’re a current customer, contracts will be supported, etc.
  • If you have other questions, please reach out

(lots of good discussion about SaltStack the community + VMware)

Sage> yeah, our meetup next week will be all about that as well (I guess it’s next wednesday, not tuesday)