Open Hour 2021-JAN-21

February 2, 2021 - slangadmin


  • General Updates
  • Aluminium Release
  • Docs Working Group Today
  • General Q&A
  • YouTube Video Link

Meeting Notes

General Updates

  • is live​
  • Other URL redirects will go live in February​
  • Virtual Meetup yesterday with Tom Hatch and Suzanne Ambiel is on YouTube
  • Salt Air being revived – launching in February​

Release Updates

  • CVE Release Feb 4th ​
  • Official announcement will be made today via the RSS Security feed​
  • Aluminium Release delayed – March 31

Docs Working Group

  • Today!
  • Thursdays, 2PM US MT / 8PM UTC
    • Weekly rotations between Working Group Zoom calls, and Twitch Docs Clinic streams
  • Twitch SaltStackInc

General Q&A

From IRC written by the amazing Wayne Werner

  • Janae is live
  • other url redirects will go live in Feb
  • virtual meetup with Tom & Suzanne Ambiel is on YouTube (link above)
  • Sage We will be having a CVE release Feb 4th
  • We will be delaying aluminum release to March 31st
  • Official announcement will be made via RSS security feed
  • I’m the last one that wants to delay a release, there was a lot of thought put into the updated release schedule
  • Janae Docs WG today 8PM UTC (some discussion about the calendar and outlook calendar is rubbish – will be updating the link)
  • Derek Docs WG will be discussing Alan Cugler’s awesome Salt Guide that we will be migrating (some discussion around some outdated links for old outdated packages)
  • Bryce I’d prefer repo files vs repo RPMs, since they’re trivial to update
  • Randy Do we have a timeline for the CAB?
  • Janae We don’t have a specific date for that due do several shifts. We’re hoping to have a CAB established by the end of Feb
  • if anyone has an interest on being on that board, please reach out
  • Derek link to SEP SEP 27 Create Community Advisory Board This is the initial SEP about creating a Community Advisory Board.
  • sage I started a channel in Slack for package updates: #salt-package-updates
  • I know barney had interest in starting a security WG but I don’t see him on the call
  • I know there’s been some interest in a k8s WG, especially from the core team
  • randy I wonder if k8s would be good as part of the cloud WG, since they’ve been running out of some material to address
  • cody crawford do we still have the Google Calendar link? I was looking for that. (looks like that’s maybe falling through the cracks, we’ll be updating some things with the links)