Open Hour 2021-JAN-28

February 4, 2021 - Chunga


  • General Updates
  • Release Updates
  • Docs Working Group and Clinic Info
  • SEPs
  • Q&A

Meeting Notes

General Updates

  • Salt Project Branding check it out!
  • Social accounts change – as part of the VMWare acquisition
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
  • Next Meetup
    • 3rd Wednesday Monthly
  • Community Website

Release Updates

  • CVE Release February 4th
  • Aluminium Release Delayed to March 31st


What questions can we answer? <– from the chat, the repo for the Salt User Guide

Barney> question about the RC process – we’ve talked about having more people involved in testing these RCs just looking at the milestones is great about the when – have we thought about putting out announcements to get people ready/primed? Sage> that’s a great idea! I’ll take a note Barney> getting some notification ahead of time would be great. Sage> we’ve thought about putting out some Docker images so if you don’t have, say, a dev environment you can still at least test somewhat

Barney> We talked about making it clearer that using a newer minion against an older master isn’t probably terrible nowadays Sage> I think I have that in a draft form, but I’ll make sure that I take a look and make sure that we’ve got solid information for before we release the RC

Gary> Do you have any details into possibly open sourcing the proxy minion? Sage> I don’t have a lot, but I’ve been pushing at least 2x/week, I don’t have approval yet. Gary> Do we know if we’re receptive or against open sourcing that? Sage> It was receptive, (well received) and I think it will take longer which is a good sign – a “no” is quick. If we get positive approval we’ll make a lot of noise about it.*meant deltaproxy, not proxy minion

I shared a “this is yours” joke… skip to the end of the recording when it comes out for the full and terrible glory XD