Open Hour 2021-MAR-18

April 1, 2021 - Sage Robins


  • General Updates
  • Release Updates
  • Package Updates
  • Salt Enhancement Proposals
  • Working Groups and Clinics
  • Retrospective
  • YouTube Video

General Updates

Salt Air relaunched!

  • Salt Air playlist on YouTube
  • New videos will be posted each Thursday, including a new one dropping later today!
  • Virtual Meetup was cancelled, speaker had a personal last minute emergency


Misc. Salt Project Links

Retrospective Follow up

  • See Updated Meeting Notes from MAR-11; with revised and expanded responses
  • Releases will be on US Tuesday or Wednesday only – needs documentation
  • Most of the follow up details will be in the notes above, the report or artifact of actions, and the Working Groups goals, objectives, and tasks
  • We will no longer give patch files for all versions of Salt for CVE releases – we will follow our Platform Support Policy

Release Updates

  • Aluminium Release: March 31st
  • Code freeze was: Feb. 25th
  • RC1 is available – See the Package Post
  • Bug Fix Release to the CVE: MAR-23 this is on a banner on the website until released
    • Looking for a Release Calendar – likely need to put that on the Community Calendar

Package Updates

Salt Enhancement Proposals

Open Salt Enhancement Proposals – SEPs

  • Many in the final comment period
  • The Change Advisory Board (CAB) – updates to the comments, not getting a ton of committed participation to be an active member
    • Reviewing this – likely will approve and not implement

We are working on a communications plan to be more transparent.

Working Groups

  • See our new page!
  • Test Working Group needs a Captain!
  • Security Working Group needs a Captain!
  • Monthly group-of-groups/scrum-of-scrums will be determined – Captains gather with the Core Team and collaboration between groups needs facilitation

Question and Answer

  • Q: RC being testing?
    • A: yes, some little noisy still, but better from v3002.x – loader failures of improperly loaded modules due to the 3rd party dependencies issues, major release upgrading to a new major release, new file in the utils loader – failures – utils are being loaded and the modules are still being loaded /.utils –> not sure that can be avoided, between when an install happens and a service restart happens
    • __utils__ on Windows stacktraces with boto – a lot of this will only be seen in debug; Q: should those be warnings? A: we expect modules won’t load and we are aware the loader is super noisy; if there is an error those will report with error
  • Q: forward compatibility?
    • A: Generally supported during testing and not really supported in your production environments; changes like CVEs and python 2 vs python 3 older masters and newer minions there may not be forward compatibility – FAQ could be clearer
  • Q: Looking in the docs in the Contributing Guide, where is testing?
    • A: Writing Unit Tests Docs
    • There test docs through out our documentation
    • With Regard To (w.r.t.) our docs:
      • latest = latest released version of Salt
      • master = whatever is on master and these docs are built nightly
      • last docs jam big start on the new User Guide – great job Jim, Gary, AP and others THANK YOU!!
      • Google Custom Search – works best on Chrome, needs cache to be cleared if not working properly – looking to replace this perhaps with Spinx or we could make our docs more navigable (novel idea, Sage)
      • Later today we have the Docs Working Group – Join US!
      • We need community involvement, please join us 🙂
      • Looking at the Season of Docs proposal
      • More Docs Jams
  • Q: When is the code freeze over?
    • A: branch called freeze – it is a temporary branch during the RC process through the point release for major releases
    • See our post about this
    • Please review PRs! The community has a vast an valuable knowledge – we are thinking of organizing this, but TODAY reviews can be done by anyone
      • Looking to update the PR writing and reviewing process docs in the Silicon release cycle – even if it is only a WIP PR for changes and additions
      • The community, Sales, Customer Service, and Support Engineers from former SaltStack the company you all bring a tremendous amount of value that simply doesn’t exist on the team, please review PRs, we welcome it!
  • Nichlos Aronne – Product Manager for vRA for Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt: welcome!
  • Pre-Commit (issue was written after this meeting)