Open Hour 2021-MAR-25

April 1, 2021 - Sage Robins


  • General Updates
  • Release Updates
  • Package Updates
  • Salt Enhancement Proposals
  • Working Groups and Clinics
  • Retrospective
  • YouTube Video

General Updates

Salt Air playlist on YouTube: New videos will be posted each Thursday, including a new one dropping later today!


Misc. Salt Project Links

Release Updates

Package Updates

Salt Enhancement Proposals

Open Salt Enhancement Proposals (SEPs)

We are working on a communications plan to be more transparent – for the entire Salt Project.

Working Groups

Pre-Commit Issues

  • GitHub Issue 59847
  • Please see the the above issue comments for details on the conversation
  • From Wayne’s dictation during the meeting:
    • Derek> basically the idea is that dropping py2 support is happening incrementally and it can be kind of confusing/annoying when it happens on your PR
    • the goal is to have a cleaner git commit history, so while it would be one¬†huge¬†change, then it would be easier to see who really changed what
    • Wayne> have we run the new black against salt, do we know how many changes that is?
    • Pedro> the idea is that if we do this change we should go ahead and upgrade black since we’re already inflicting a change
    • Wayne/Randy> +1 on just inflicting everything in one fell swoop vs. incrementally

Question and Answer session turned to the inclusive language SEP and divulged into a naming discussion that did not bring forth anything fruitful or notable.