Open Hour 2021-MAY-27

June 2, 2021 - Sage Robins


  • General Updates
  • Release Updates
  • Q&A

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General Updates and Announcements

  • Salt Air playlist on YouTube: New videos will be posted each Thursday, including a new one dropping later today!
  • The Hacks Podcast new episode today
  • Virtual Meetup 3rd Wednesday every month 5 PM Mountain and 10 PM UTC – Working Groups will be the topic
  • Virtual Meetup in June will be Asia Pacific time zone!
  • No Docs Clinic Twitch Stream today
  • SaltConf21 virtual 2 day event NOV-03 and NOV-04 – website is coming soon!
    • Theme: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger
    • Call for speakers JUN-07 through JUL-19 a link is coming soon!
  • Deep Discounts at


Release Announcements

  • 3003.1 Release Date TBD
  • Silicon Release updates – need to adjust this release date TBD
    • 196 Silicon milestone issues, 46 are unassigned and we need the community help!
    • stretch goal – they’re things that we would love to have, but probably won’t get to on our own

Salt Enhancement Proposals

Open Salt Enhancement Proposals (SEPs)

Working Groups

Docs Working Group and Docs Clinic streams:

  • New docs salt-user-guide
  • Join the #Documentation channel on the community slack
  • Docs Working group is continuing onward, so feel free to join and help the docs

Streams: Test clinics, docs clinics, and idem/pop streams! Find us on Twitch

Q&A plus discussion

  • Q: Where are we with Tiamat
    • A: Tiamat for Salt is still in beta the packages are on and we want to have those production ready for Silicon release. Randy Thompson has been using Tiamat package at GoDaddy and SaltStack Enterprise Config uses Tiamat, today in production. We can go over more details next week if we want to dive into it.
  • Q: Freenode vs. Libera
    • A: Currently, channels exist on both platforms
  • <– jinja2 3.0 support
  • Discussion: what do we support or will we support, Debian 9 still using python 3.5 so yes looking to use Tiamat with Salt there
  • SEPs: Needs Sage and Wayne to SEPherd, will happen this week
  • Discussion went to renaming of master, again.